Chris Golden Shares Golden Moment On Ryman Stage

Chris GoldenNashville, Tenn (December 2, 2015) Chris Golden, former member of the Oak Ridge Boys playing guitar, mandolin, harmonica and filling in on keyboards and drums was on stage at the Ryman Auditorium to do his part in helping support the “Annual Christmas 4 Kids” held on Monday, November 23rd. He was playing with Restless Heart filling in for their drummer.

They played for the hometown crowd along with Marshall Tucker Band, Shenandoah, and Craig Wayne Boyd. Restless Heart asked him to come down front from behind the drums to do a song for the kids. He was performing “Thank God For Kids” and explained that he had a special place in his heart for the song because his Dad, William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys, made the song famous.

The performance had special meaning for Chris as he commented,”I was delighted to be there. I know we are here to help make wishes come true for kids, but a wish had already come true for this kid (me) that night, because I was standing in the middle of the Ryman stage getting ready to sing. I have performed at the Ryman and on the Opry many times, but that was my singing debut there and a dream come true. Dad was only in town for 12 hours but came down to see me with Restless Heart. Halfway through the song I motioned for him to come up and join us and the crowd went wild. It was a golden moment indeed. We were together again on stage.”

Christmas 4 Kids is a local event each year where over 100 entertainers buses gather and lineup for open house tours. Many stars are there to meet and greet. The concert is held a few weeks prior and proceeds from it go to the neediest children in the area. Each child gets a chaperone, they line the buses up like a freight train and take the kids on a caravan ride around Nashville. They are then dropped at the front door of Wal-Mart, with a chaperone, given a Titans coat and about 150 dollars or more to buy whatever they want. Find out more about them at .

You can view the performance on the link below:

Chris is still doing solo Gospel shows, as well as a few Christmas shows. He is filling his calendar with booking dates for next year. He has a single out with The Freemans called “A Different Light” which goes to #47 on the charts in January.

Deborah Evans Price of Billboard Magazine stated of Chris, “For a select few individuals, making music seems as natural as breathing. Chris Golden is one of those gifted souls. A skilled multi-instrumentalist and intuitive songwriter with a voice like warm honey, Golden’s passion for music shines on every track of his latest project.”

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