REVIEW: Wilburn & Wilburn – Shoulders

Wilburn & Wilburn - ShouldersProducer: Ben Isaacs, Jonathan Wilburn & Jordan Wilburn
Label: Daywind Records

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I truly enjoyed listening to Shoulders, the brand new release from WIlburn & Wilburn. “This Wouldn’t Be The Same Song” starts this awesome new recording from the father & son dynamic duo. Without Jesus in their lives as well as our own, this wouldn’t be the same song! I love the next song, as I can totally relate to its message. “It’s What He’s Done” delivers hope and peace in knowing that we’re not measured up by what we’ve done but by what He’s done. One of my favorite lines from this lyric is “His grace is so amazing, God’s love is still enough, it’s not we you do, it’s what He’s done!”

I have always loved this next song, “Love Without End.” What a perfect song for these guys. Next up is another country ballad reminding us that “Sin Is No Match for Grace.” I love that the writer included the power of grandma’s prayers against the enemy.

“You Asked Him To Leave” is just WOW! So much truth is spoken in this song. How can people blame God for the craziness in our world today when in fact, it’s all because the world asked Him to leave. What a great message! “Prayer Is All I Need” is another song with a fantastic message. With thousands and thousands of hurting people searching for answers and reaching for hope in whatever they can find, this song is a wonderful reminder that everything looks brighter, and life is always better when we talk to God.

“Living Proof” is another good ole’ country, toe tapping tune. It’s been said that all sermons have been preached and all songs have been sung. This is a wonderful new twist on a message that we have all heard over and over again. Great song! Next up is the title cut to this project “Shoulders.” This song spoke straight to my heart. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of how our lives and the lives of others could very well be the shoulders someone else uses to stand upon. I know there have been times I’ve had to stand upon a few shoulders in my life. What an encouraging song.

The next song is a message of great hope for those of us praying for loved ones & expecting miracles that perhaps many have given up on, “Where The Love of God Is Gonna Go.” I love it! Finishing out this great project is a familiar song, “The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference.” I love their rendition of this classic tune. No matter who delivers this message, the Cross is what makes the difference for us all.

I have no doubt this recording will be playing in CD players for a long time! Great job fellas!

My favorite picks are:
It’s What He’s Done
You Asked Him To Leave
Where The Love of God is Gonna Go

Song List:

This Wouldn’t Be The Same Song
It’s What He’s Done
Love Without End Amen
Sin Is No Match For Grace
You Asked Him To Leave
Prayer Is All I Need
Living Proof
Where The Love Of God Is Gonna Go
The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference

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