Ones-to-Watch 2016

Welcome to AbsolutelyGospel.com’s annual feature: Ones-To-Watch: 10 Artists Poised to Take Over Your MP3 Player. Every time about this year, those in the music industry are inundated with “buzz” artists – those artists that look to take the music world by storm with their new (and sometimes no-so-new) approach to faith-based music. Here are 10 artists that we feel are going to win over the hearts of music fans in 2016 in one way or another. At this point – these are the artists that we feel are the “ones to watch” for next year.

Mark Bishop & Forget the Sea
From: Waco, Kentucky
Website: http://www.forgetthesea.com

Comprised of newcomers and Christian music veterans, Forget The Sea is a new band with a sincere heart for ministry, dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with a lost and hurting world. Inspired by the Appalachian, Folk and Gospel music roots of eastern Kentucky where the founding members call home, the band mixes old and new sounds to create a new music fused with acoustic energy, rousing percussion and tight family harmony. Forget The Sea truly delivers a musical worship experience for all ages.

lore-20Lore Family 

From: Portsmouth, Ohio
Website: http://www.lorefamilyministries.com

After nearly two decades in the pastorate, God has gifted the Lores with a unique heart for the local church. Whether in the pulpit or the pew, by song or in seminar, the anointed ministry of the Lore Family will engage each listener as they are ushered into the presence of Jesus Christ. The Lore Family sings with both, tracks and live accompaniment as they deliver Lore Family original music mixed with some of today’s favorites and yesterday’s classics.

Goodman Revival
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Website: http://www.goodmanrevival.com

In the world of southern gospel music few names carry a more substantial legacy than Goodman. Creativity, authenticity and a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ have long been the cornerstones of the family’s sound and messages. They remain the foundation for the next chapter in the group’s illustrious history with the launch of Goodman Revival. Tanya Goodman Sykes, her husband, acclaimed producer Michael Sykes, and friend Johnny Minick, a gospel music veteran who performed for years with the Goodmans, once again propel the family name into the spotlight.

pruittfam Pruitt Family
From: Athens, Georgia
Website: http://www.pruittfamilyministries.com

Pruitt Family Ministries was established in April of 2013. This energized group consists of Mark Pruitt, his wife Tina Pruitt, and their two girls Brooke Pruitt and Alexis Pruitt.    With tight family harmonies, they are second to none! Their mission is to share the message of the grace of Jesus Christ through testimony and song! The group recently scored their first ever Top 10 hit with the fan favorite single “Bring It All to Jesus.”

Amber Nelon Thompson
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Website: http://www.thenelons.com

Amber Nelon Thompson is one to watch despite being a tenured veteran of Gospel music all while only being in her 20s. Amber released her debut solo recording, Just Sing, this year with Daywind Records and has already landed several award wins, including this year’s Absolutely Gospel Music Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. The future is bright for this budding singer/songwriter. Be listening for her current single, a stunning duet with Michael English on the Christian music classic “Another Time, Another Place.”

66aa25_c15b08f96a694b14aada90bcc33c1825-page-001 The Littles

From: Monroe, North Carolina
Website: http://www.jacklittleministries.org

The Littles, of Monroe, NC, are quickly becoming a favorite among family groups in Christian music. Their progressive style of gospel music built around great arrangements,    close family harmony, and strong vocals is sure to minister to audiences of all ages. The past year has seen the Lord open new ministry opportunities while expanding the group’s reach and schedule. Additionally, the Littles have been greatly blessed with several industry achievements including an NQC main stage appearance. Whether in a church service, revival services, or on a concert stage, the Littles are certain to encourage believers in their walk with Christ and challenge unbelievers to come to Him.

Chris Unthank

Chris Unthank is a seasoned veteran of Gospel music, having been a writer, performer, songwriter, and general music enthusiast for over two decades. He has been the Editor-In-Chief for AbsolutelyGospel.com since since January 2011. Chris is an avid fan of all things nerdy and resides in Murfreesboro, TN with his wife Noel and their four children.
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