What Is Your Epitaph – Phil Enloe

Phil Enloe Pastor, Singer, Songwriter
Phil Enloe
Pastor, Singer, Songwriter

  Hey, I know LIFE is SHORT and all that we’ve accummlated down here on earth, we’ll certainly leave here when we get called to glory. But, if your life could be summed up in ONE SHORT PHRASE what would that ONE PHRASE be? It’s Pastor Phil of Harvest Chapel with a GOOD WORD from GOD’S WORD today.


Hey look, I don’t mean to be MORBID or anything like that, but the impression we leave on others is certainly more lasting than any earthly thing we own. My good friend, DUANE NICHOLSON, before each concert he would say, “ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING“, and I used to tease him by saying “That’s what we’re going to put on your TOMBSTONE.” Well, it got rather funny when one person said, my EPITAPH will READ, “I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK.” and the best one was, “I’LL SEE YOU IN THE RAPTURE!“.


Well, I’m so glad that Jesus left an EMPTY TOMB and the only EPITAPH He left is His LIVING WORD. And, He promised in John 14:2-3 “I’m going away to prepare a PLACE FOR YOU and I’m COMING AGAIN to TAKE YOU with Me.  

So, if you’re concerned about what you’re leaving, don’t give it a second thought, because the best thing you can leave is a LIFE OF INSPIRATION so that others will include the Lord in their life, as well.

It’s your Spiritual UPPER TAKER, Pastor Phil saying, “May You Rest In Peace with this GOOD WORD FROM GOD’S WORD TODAY“. God bless.


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