Williamsons Sing To Incarcerated In Church

Wetumka, Oklahoma (January 5, 2016) Award nominated Gospel quartet, the Williamsons, recently ventured over to Oklahoma City to minister in a unique way. You normally think of ministering to incarcerated individuals inside a building with iron gates and windows. For the Williamsons this was a little different situation. williamsonschurch22

Pennsylvania Avenue Redemption Church doesn’t go to the jail to visit prisoners, instead the prisoners are escorted to the church where they worship uninhibited just like you and I do.

Pennsylvania Avenue Redemption is a thriving missional church located near downtown Oklahoma City. Their congregation consists of a relatively small number of people who for the past 21 years have served God through reaching out to a diverse group of men and women which are incarcerated or previously incarcerated. They also reach out to the families and friends that are affected by incarceration while working with many individuals who struggle with the disease of addiction. williamsonschurch12

Donnie Williamson, group manager and Baritone singer stated, “It was hard to tell the difference between the inmates and the regular church members. Most of the inmates dressed in jeans and blue shirts. We were able to interact with them but we could take no photos. I was impressed by how freely the ones who attended the service worshiped. I saw no one who seemed to be ‘holding back’. They were not afraid to raise their hands and voices. When we sang ‘Shout’, I believe a few of them actually did!”

A snapshot during one week of serving Christ at Pennsylvania Avenue Redemption includes: mentoring incarcerated men and women within small discipleship groups, serving lunch every Sunday to well over 100 people, teaching Sunday school classes, offering two worship services on Sunday and one on Thursday, teaching classes on Thursday evening, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, anger management, and men’s and women’s spiritual based mentoring groups. The specially trained members volunteer countless hours each month ensuring that this ministry continues to operate at a high level.

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