Tina Wakefield Releases Latest Single to National Radio

wakefield (Alabaster, AL) Tina Wakefield hails from Alabama, and is the music minister in Alabaster at Amazing Grace Worship Center. Her latest release is “I’m Lost” and in the hands of national radio stations with her signing on to Patterson Promotions Vol. 20 comp disc.

Tina wrote the song to show that “many of us were raised in a Christian home, but sometimes life happens and just like the Prodigal son we find ourselves lost. We find that curiosity about the world and what is out there looks inviting. Satan never tells us that when we have wasted all our strength pursing those things we will end up lost and alone in a strange place, but there is always a way to get back home. God is always there and will help us find the way back home to Him.”

Pauline Patterson notes, “Tina is a special, talented lady and it’s such an honor to be a part of her mission.”

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