Who Wouldn’t Want It?

Who Wouldn’t Want It?

Have you ever been puzzled and just couldn’t figure out how or why people who supposedly love something aren’t interested in what they supposedly love?

Case in point, most of you know that I am CEO of a publicity firm and a publicity firm sends out E-mails about whatever and whomever they are representing. My firm represents Southern Gospel Music and Gospel artists. Now we don’t just get E-mail addresses for people in Gospel Music by just pulling them out of the air. People on our E-mail lists have shown an interest in Gospel Music by either filling out a form at an event giving their E-mail address or voting on the awards or some other legitimate form of gathering their E-mail.

Last week we suddenly had a problem of people reporting our E-mails pertaining to Gospel Music as SPAM. Because of this, we sent out an E-mail offering the opportunity to opt-out of the list and receive no more news about Gospel Music. Now just to make it more interesting, a lot of the people saying they didn’t want to receive E-mails about things happening in this music genre that they presumably love this music are Gospel artists of every level. A to D level artists opted out saying they aren’t interested in getting news about this music they love and love to perform. Duh!!!!! I don’t know about you, but this boggles my mind. How can you say you love anything and not want to learn everything you can about it?

The raw truth about this is that unless it is about “me” I don’t care to know about it. Now several years later, when the artists that have been making the news are “suddenly” successful these “I don’t care, if it’s not about me” artists are wondering how in the world the ABC Quartet became an over-night success. We all know that no one becomes a success over-night, but it comes from hard work and steadily keeping their name in front of the people and fans, AND taking an interest in what other fellow artists are doing. So, I have taken those names off my list and realize that those I have taken off didn’t bother to even open the E-mails they were receiving about this Gospel Music they proclaim to love. I haven’t lost anything, because they weren’t contributing to the good of this great thing we call Gospel Music.

I do what I do, because have seen lives changed when Southern Gospel Music was sang. I do what I do because I have watched depressed lonely people be lifted to joy in their hears and contentment enter their lives. I do what I do because I see everyone involved in this great music, from the singer to the songwriter, to the publisher, to the booking agent, to the radio DJ, to the concert promoter, and even to the publicist, all of us being used as a tool by God to win souls and see trodden down Christians renewed in their walk with God and their feet walking the straight and narrow path to Heaven once again. I believe that this music has the best harmonies, melodies, and message of any other music genre in existence. I love this music. I love to sing it. I love to worship with it. I even love to be entertained by it.

OK, I’m stepping down from my SoapBox now!!!!!

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