Praising On Your Road to Victory – Kim Booth

Acts 16:24-34

Kim Booth
Kim Booth

Human nature dictates that when we are on the mountaintop we praise God for His goodness but what about when we are in the valley?

Paul & Silas were in a dark stale prison cell because of their faith. What did they do? The Bible says they began praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them. The power of God fell on that prison cell, the earth began to shake, a prison guard accepted Christ and they were released from their prison cell. Was it the praises that moved God to work or was it the tool He used to call that prison guard to Him?

I have been through some pretty dark times in my life. One thing my father taught me was to praise God even in the valley.

There have been times when the dark stale prison cell was in my thoughts and the discouragement and despair were palpable. The Enemy knows where my weaknesses are and he exploits them. I remember calling my dad at a particularly difficult time. I told him I couldn’t even pray – I was just too discouraged that I didn’t even know where to start. He encouraged me to begin taking inventory, with God, of all the things I was thankful for – not asking for the darkness to be removed but just praising God for His goodness. He promised me the discouragement would lift because God inhabits the praises of His people and the Enemy will flee. I want to tell you that with every prayer of praise that I uttered the Enemy took another step farther away until he was completely removed from the situation and the dark veil lifted.

Sometimes we can’t see what is good in our lives from all that is wrong in our lives. If we will just stop, in our discouragement, and take note of all that is right we will begin praising Jehovah for His provision and blessings. The wrongs may not be righted immediately – sometimes not at all – but the darkness isn’t as dark and the valley isn’t quite so deep when we are praising Him for who He is, what He has done and what He will do. Do you need victory in your life? Do you need an answer to a need? The Word says He inhabits the praises of His people – begin praising God for His attributes – His omniscience, His omnipotence and His omnipresence. Begin praising God for His Provision, His gift of salvation, His grace!

Additionally, people who know you are a believer are watching you. Just as that prison guard was listening to the praises of Paul & Silas. Your behavior and demeanor through the valley can speak volumes to the unbelieving. God has you where you are for a purpose but the discouragement and the darkness you feel while walking through the valley can be lessened if you stop, breathe deeply and begin uttering sweet praise and adoration to the One who can and WILL deliver you.

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