Karen Harding


Karen Harding
Karen Harding

Breathe in and exhale. Relax!  Ahh!! God’s got this.

Yes, my friend, whatever you are facing, God is on your side!  He is working on your behalf.  He sees and He knows what you are going through.  He cares.  Trust Him.  This won’t last forever!

Refresh yourself in His grace. Rest in His mercy! He loves you more than you can imagine!  You can never do anything that would make Jesus love you more or love you less. I’ll leave you with the lyrics of a song I wrote:

“Enter Into His Presence, Walk right on in and make yourself at home, feast on forgiveness, drink from His grace, savor His goodness, rest in His embrace, Enter into His presence!!”
Can Somebody say AMEN??


Karen Harding

Karen has been involved in Gospel Music as long as she can remember. At age 2 her parents gave her a quarter to stand on a chair and sing at her local church. At age 4 she started singing tenor with her 8 year old brother, Gary. She no longer needs the chair and is still singing. Karen won the 2003 Exalting Him Talent Search, which landed her a record deal with the highly acclaimed Daywind Music Group with distribution by Word Entertainment. Karen has been blessed to share the stage or sing on projects with some of the best in Gospel Music: The Gaither’s, Mark Lowry, Michael English, The Isaacs, LordSong, Mike Bowling, Reba Rambo-McGuire, The Crabb Family, Nancy Grandquist, The McGruder’s, Kurt Carr and many more.
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