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The Kings Heralds
The Kings Heralds

We are of the opinion that our new recordings aren’t released, they just somehow escape!! Well that might stretching it a little bit, however our new CD “Telling The World ” is almost ready to escape or be released whichever you prefer. It contains 10 of some of your favorite classic Southern Gospel convention style songs. Over the years we’ve done some Southern Gospel but realized that we have never tackled some of the old convention songs. Songs like “Rainbow of Love” “I’m Getting Ready To Leave This World” and a few others we know that your sure to enjoy.

So far this month we have been enjoying singing in sunny Florida. It feels good to have great services and be around good friends in warm sunshine. Hey, come on down, you’ll be glad you did!! To see our schedule log onto www.theheralds. org. Who knows you just might see a new cd available on there before to long.

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