Jim Sheldon

I’m Going Home

Jesus used her and now she’s Home!

Jim Sheldon - The Positive Cowboy
Jim Sheldon – The Positive Cowboy

God is The Giver of Life. He determines when and where each person is born. Once a person is born, God allows that person to exercise their free morel will. In that free morel will, we make our own choices based on the influences around us. No matter where we are born or what influences, good or bad, we are raised with. God is always there trying to draw us to Him!

God will never violate our free will and force us to receive Him. But He will allow people, things, troubles, trials and situations to come against, all the while reaching out to us, if should call upon Him. God will save anyone willing to ask and will mightily use them.

May 3rd, my sister would have been 56. After our parents divorced, she got heavily into drugs & alcohol. The drugs & alcohol kept her bound for many years. Everyone in the family had given up on her, except Mom and me.

Finally, good influences came through new friends that got her and Mom involved in AA! She took to it very well. Eventually, she got saved through Bible teaching, which gave her new direction. God had been there throughout this whole process.

I got to see the wonderful change, back to her sweet self! She became one of the best influences in AA for others still struggling. I had gotten busy myself, serving Jesus in gospel music. Years went by, and then got a call. She had been found dead (age 40) in her condo, from a blood clot in her brain.

As I drove through the night, my grief soon moved, as I prayed, to joy! I knew she was saved and without a doubt she was home with Jesus. At her service, 300+ people came, one at a time. Each sharing how her walk with Jesus and her testimony she always shared; helped them from their own addictions to being saved by Jesus Christ!

God is The Giver of Life and will save & use us all!

Every chance I get, in Memory of my sister and to encourage others,

I sing: “I’m Going Home” (by Roy Hall) (available on Itunes)


Jim Sheldon

jim spent almost 20 years working jobs that wouldn’t conflict with a singing schedule. during that time, jim honed his craft, spending six incredible summers studying at the charles novell school of music. one such door was opened for jim when he was given the opportunity to sing with the keetons (founded by gold city tenor dan keeton). after dan disbanded the keetons to take a position with gold city, jim decided that rather than sit at home and wait for another group to call, he would take a step of faith and establish a solo ministry. putting god first ministry was born at that time. jim’s hard work paid off with the signing of a new recording contract with homeland inspiration group’s mont eagle records and first-ever charting single – “god is looking at my heart.” his debut album for mont eagle records, i belong to jesus, released in the fall of 2011.
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