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mastersvoice_feature2016AGM Editor-in-Chief Chris Unthank sits down with Master’s Voice‘s Ricky Capps to learn more about the group, their ministry, and of course, their debut record for Sonlite Records – Undivided!
Chris Unthank: Master’s Voice has been around for a while. Give our readers a bit of your group’s history.

Ricky Capps: December of 1995, I was sitting around the stage of the sanctuary at my home church in Bristow, Oklahoma. The pastor informed us we were going to sing a song that evening. So, me and some friends practiced a song (which was probably horrible), and we sang that night. The church loved it so we sang the next Sunday…then the next. A few weeks later, a neighboring church asked us to come sing, so we decided to get a name. The one we chose was Master’s Voice. (My suggested name was Ricky and the Pips, but I was outvoted. HA!)

That was over 20 years ago. We never dreamed God would allow what seemed like such an insignificant Sunday night special into a soul-winning music evangelism team, but He had a plan.

CU: You just signed with Crossroads after being an independent artist for so long. What made the change to join a major label and how did you guys join forces?

RC: Crossroads’ reputation and history is impeccable. We knew they could take us to greater heights, but when we heard their heart for The Lord, it became a very easy decision. Their vision and expectations for Master’s Voice is both humbling and extremely exciting. The best is yet to come!

CU: Tell us about your new album – Undivided.

RC: Undivided is a special recording for us. Not only is it our inaugural project as a new quartet, but we know that God trusted us with very powerful songs, and we wanted our fans, supporters, and listeners to know we are not a team of individuals with separate goals. We are unanimously convinced that our sole objective is to preach and sing Jesus until all know, and to know that it isn’t about a list of rules to follow, but it is about a relationship with an all-sufficient Savior!

CU: How does this project stand a part from your previous releases?

RC: Other than this album finally gives our fans what they have been clamoring for…a quartet, this recording is different because it strays a little farther from the standard ‘quartet’ sound. There is more of a country flare, but not enough to disrupt the SG roots. We have never sang a “story” song till this project…and now we have 2: “How Long a Lifetime Is” and “Send Somebody.”

CU: What are some of the songs that have been having an impact on the group and in your concerts?

RC: The most memorable songs thus far have been our current radio single “I Can Hardly Wait To Fly,” which really captures how exciting it is to be a Christian today. Also — “How Long A Lifetime Is,” has, perhaps, been our best seller. It has a gripping message of how short life can be, and we should be most careful in taking anything for granted. From the perspective of a heart-broken daughter who is saying goodbye to her father…and then her husband, most people can relate to the possible regret of having words left unsaid to loved ones till it’s too late. Lastly, I would say the most powerful song we may ever record is “This Same Jesus.” It’s a huge power ballad with full orchestration explaining how Christ is not going to delegate coming to get His bride. HE, the very one who said “Let there be light,” the very one who died for the sin of the all mankind….that Jesus is coming back….and by the looks of everything, it is real soon.

CU: What sets Master’s Voice a part from other quartets on the road today?

That may be a better question for some of our fans to answer. I can’t speak for any other group, but what I can say is that the ONLY reason we do what we do is to see the lost and undone…the religious, the doubters….we want to leave our event knowing they are redeemed, forgiven, loved and saved. (1 John 5:13). Make no mistake — for us, music is merely a vehicle to get people’s attention. Once we have that, we have something critically important to tell them! We preach! Master’s Voice preaches about 20 revivals a year. There may be other groups with that kind of passion, ability and calling…I sure hope so, but I would say that the only thing “special” about Masters’ Voice…the only “good thing” about any of us is the God who lives inside of us. It is the biggest honor of our lives to be trusted and called by the God of Creation to be His voice.

CU: What is coming down the pike for the group in the near future?

RC: Master’s Voice is heading to Canada for the first time in June for three weeks! We are also heading to Alaska and Australia! The only thing we know of Australia is what we learned by watching Crocodile Dundee. Ha! We cannot wait for that trip. We are also honored to be a part of the Memphis Quartet Show in June, especially in our first year of eligibility as a quartet. This year, Master’s Voice, under the tutelage of Sonlite Records and the Crossroads Family, has realized our most radio airplay and our first Top 20. It’s only the beginning.

CU: What do you see in the future for the group?

RC: I would hate to limit what I think God can do through this ministry team. I anticipate this God, who is still in the saving business, to reach the lost through this ministry. It would be false humility if I acted as if I didn’t think there was a possible #1 song on our C. Other than that, this group will brag on Jesus, invest in people, love on folks, encourage pastors, cheer on promoters, pray for the DJs, continue to be committed to musical excellence and passion, and laugh as much as possible along the way, that you can be sure of!

CU: What has God been teaching you lately?

RC: That this life is but a vapor. It’s here one minute and gone the next. Let us not live one day not focused on the main event of life, which is Jesus Christ.

For more information Master’s Voice, visit them online at www.mastersvoice.com.

Chris Unthank

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