REVIEW: Barry Rowland & Deliverance – The Light

brd-lightProducer: Danny Crawford
Label: Crossroads Music Group

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My tastes within Southern Gospel are varied…I love the classic quartet sounds, soaring family harmonies, acoustic/bluegrass/country stylings, Inspirational/Contemporary blends, and I also love the old fashioned revival sounds of Barry Rowland & Deliverance. Many times, it’s these types of artists that probably speak the most to me and reaches the depths of my soul and spirit. I was raised in shouting Baptist and Pentecostal surroundings, so it’s probably why this kind of music speaks the most to me. This latest release from Barry Rowland & Deliverance is probably their best offering to date and will yield some great radio songs.

The soulful, “GOD DELIVERED ME” gets the recording off to a great start before the tempo slows down as Tammy sings the comforting, “LOOKING AT A RISEN LAMB”.

Shawn steps up to sing one of my favorite Kyla Rowland penned tunes, “THE LIGHT”. Though the song is over 25 years old, it’s still relevant today and speaks volumes of the current trend of today’s times and Shawn delivers a powerful performance before the tempo picks up slightly for the medium tempo, “THAT TOMB IS STILL EMPTY”.

Barry steps up to sing another older Kyla Rowland tune entitled, “GOD’S WORD WILL STAND” before Shawn and Tammy share solo duties with “SO I’LL TELL JESUS”, which was previously recorded several years ago by the Whisnants. It’s still a great song, and Shawn and Tammy do a tremendous job on the song!

The group revived a former Gold City hit, “HE’S STILL ON THE THRONE”, which is one of Kyla’s most memorable songs before slowing things down a bit as they sing a great old standard, “GOD UNDERSTANDS”. A true testament of a great song, the song makes the rounds every few years and it’s always great to be reminded of the great truth found in this song.

The pace picks up with the up-tempo song of praise, “HOLY, GLORY TO THE LAMB” before closing things out by rallying the church to keep, “MARCHING IN VICTORY”!

While not everyone will have an appreciation for their style, it does speak to many people, as their mounting number of chart songs will attest too. While this is probably their best offering, my only critique would be it would have been great to include one or two more upbeat numbers. With that said, this will be one recording that will make its way to my ears often, and you would be doing yourself a favor if it made it to your ears often too!

Track Listing: (stars denote personal favorites)
1 – God Delivered Me**
2 – Looking at a Risen Lamb
3 – The Light**
4 – That Tomb is Still Empty
5 – God’s Word will Stand**
6 – So, I’ll Tell Jesus**
7 – He’s Still on the Throne**
8 – God Understands**
9 – Holy, Glory to the Lamb**
10 – Marching in Victory

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James Hales

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