He Knows Me – Paula Hill

Paula Hill“For she said,‘If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well’” (Mark 5:28).

Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. If you were as bad off as this woman was, then you would try anything that held a promise of hope. For twelve long years, she had tried everything she knew to try but was getting worse each day. She spent her lifes savings on doctors, and they couldn’t solve her problem. So, she finally did it. She took the risk of being rejected. Doing nothing wasn’t an option, so she stretched her arm out far enough to touch the hem of Jesus garment. Suddenly, she felt different, but she never expected what happened next.

“Who touched Me?” Jesus asked. Then He looked around until He saw her. She was scared. Her body was trembling. She knew she had probably gone too far this time. How was it possible that He knew her out of all the mass of people surrounding Him? But Jesus spoke such wonderful words to her. He called her “daughter,” then He told her to go in peace because she was healed. She mattered to Him.

Do you ever feel like just another face in the crowd? A little fish in a big ocean?A drop in a bucket?Youve heard the clics. How could it be, that with all the millions of prayers bombarding heaven, He knows and recognizes your voice among all the millions of others? Somehow, He does. I believe He stops and says, “I hear Paula calling out to me. Her dream has died. Her hope has been taken away. She has tried and tried to fix things, and nothing has worked for her. It’s not any better today than it was yesterday. But I told her,‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know’ (Jeremiah 33:3). So, now she is calling, and I must honor My word.”

HiWord says that He knew us before we were even formed in our mothers womb and He had all our days planned for us before we were ever born. Even the hairs of our head are numbered. Sometimes, you may feel that your need is not desperate enough to take to Him or that there are others who are in worse condition. Maybe, you almost feel guilty for taking up His time; however, it doesn’t matter how big or how small the need is, He knows us personally, and He cares about whatever concerns us.

Reach out and be determined to touch the hem of His garment. He will tell you the same thing He told the woman with the issue of blood:Your faith has made you well (Mark 5:34).

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