The Nelons Suffer Home Robbery

The following was posted on The Nelons Facebook page:

Dear Facebook family, we ask that you please pray for Kelly. She is at home because the Doctor asked her to stay home to rest and recoup, we left about 2 hours ago and she just realized we were robbed. Very quick job, because we have a house sitter that stays home with our dogs but they have taken (what we can tell at this quick moment) is 4 MacBook Pros, $2000 cash, broke our safe but didn’t get inside it, stole all of Kelly’s jewelry and Family Heirloom Jewelry passed down from her mother. There are also instruments, studio gear missing and maybe more.

Police are there now and I’ve called my brother-in-law Todd to be with her tonight. Horrible feeling, after a strenuous day.

We place our trust in God’s Mighty Hands!

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