REVIEW: All About Worship – My Pursuit

aaw-mypursuitProducer: Michael Farren
Record Label: Integrity Music

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“All About Worship” is a community of worship leaders, songwriters and instrumentalists united with a purpose and a goal to unite the body of Christ with songs of praise and worship. Their latest release from Integrity Music, My Pursuit, is a Christ-centered, worship experience that these talented vocalists have so passionately delivered and comprised of local church worship leaders and artists who have a strong passion and desire to unite together to write songs for the church and to lead the church in a true worship experience. Artists such as AGM Award winning songwriters Michael Farren and Tony Wood, Krissy Nordhoff, Dustin Smith, Benji Cowart, Corey Voss, Scott Ingegneri, James Galbraith, Ryan Shirley, Alisa Turner, Lydia Ingegneri, Lincoln Davis, Chris Clayton and Aaron Timberline are featured on this new project.

The projects title track, “My Pursuit” featuring Benji Cowart is definitely a highlight of the entire project and the tender vocals ring with passion and conviction….”I want more of You..this is my Pursuit!”

“Lift My Eyes” featuring Alissa Turner is also a great middle of the road song with a little bit of progressive country flavor to compliment Alissa’s breathy vocals. Again, it’s another strong song and highlight of the project. It’s a definite singable song for a local church!

“God Most High” featuring Michael Farren is another great singable song for a worship team and even congregation and has a more traditional church music sound yet is full of praise and worship!

If you’re a fan of Bethel Music or Elevation Music, you need to check this project out. Maybe you need some fresh, new worship songs for your church. This project has a lot of flavor and is a great, passionate worship project. Grab a copy!

Track Listing:

Lift My Eyes
God Most High
I Can’t Contain
Faith Forevermore
Hope of the Cross
Great is the Lord
I Will Call
My Pursuit
Back to Life
Royal Blood

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Jennifer Wilkerson

Jennifer Wilkerson, recording artist, singer and speaker is a preacher’s daughter from Illinois, and has spent her life in ministry. She studied Music and Education at Olivet Nazarene University and has been a school teacher, worship leader, background vocalist, worked in the music industry in various capacities and also sung with such southern gospel groups as The Chuck Wagon Gang, and McMillan and Life. Jennifer married Dr. Bob Wilkerson in October 2009 and had twin daughters in 2015.
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