The Tomb Is Empty – Deon Unthank

Deon Unthank,  President,
Deon Unthank, President,

I’ve been having some discussions on FaceBook about the same-sex marriage debate going on right now. It seems as if you take a Biblical stance you are being judgmental and not Christian.

It got me to thinking that there is way more to Christianity than our opinion on same-sex marriage.

In our discussions many religions get brought up, but the only one railed against is Christianity.

If you will, go with me to see the difference between Christianity and other religions such as Islam, Hindu, agnosticism, and even atheism.

We can make this very simple. Put all the other religions in one pile and let’s see one big difference.

All the other religions have at least one god. Even the agnostic and the atheist use this world as their god. Only Christianity has a God who would sacrifice His own Son to save all mankind. No other religion requires an atonement for sins. Some think you will just keep coming back in other forms of life, some think that their god wants them to destroy everyone who doesn’t believe as they do, while others believe that their god is in a cow or some other animal.

Christians believe that God sent His only Son to die for the sins of all mankind. Here’s the difference, history tells us that Jesus, the Christ DID live and DID die. It also tells us that He lives again. The tomb that holds Mohamed’s body is still closed and still has bones in it. In fact, every other god, or his representative are still in their graves.

Only the God that we serve has been able to resurrect the One He sent to save all the people of the world. Thousands of people go to Israel every year to view the empty tomb. The empty tomb where Jesus was buried, but rose again.

Let us take time to renew ourselves to the God who is able to resurrect not only His Son, but all who follow Him. Today spend some time thinking about the empty tomb.


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