Voice Of Hope Trio Releases New Radio Single

ChangeCoverArt326Lebanon, Ohio (July 26, 2016) Voice Of Hope Trio has a new single, “Change”. This inspiring song speaks to being molded and shaped into the vessel God would have us to be, so we can all share His message to a desperate world.

All three singers agreed, “We are so excited about ‘Change’ being on radio and the blessing the message will be to others. We know the fantastic job Pauline Patterson does with radio promotion and can’t wait to see what she does with our song.”

“Voice of Hope” brings a new song with a message of Hope to those who are seeking peace and joy in their lives. We believe that “where buildings will warm the body, a song will warm the heart.”

The group started singing together in their local church choir and were prompted to join together as a trio in 2007, at that point as a ladies trio. In 2014 there was a need to replace a member so Nathan Noertker stepped up and now they are a mixed trio producing great music.

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“Change” was written by Gregory Paul Towe. Produced by Angie Hoskins this song should see some great chart action.

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