Time – Terry Unthank

Terry Unthank326Ephesians 5:16 states ” Redeeming the time, because the days are evil”. It’s amazing that in the world we live in of modern technology, time flies by. We have computers, the Internet, cell phones, drive thrus, ATMs, microwaves and much more but yet have less time than ever. There is a lot of attractions and distractions to keep us busy, however we must remember time is a gift from God and must be used wisely. Growing up we had church Wednesday night, Saturday night,Sunday morning and Sunday night, along with choir practice on Tuesday night, now it’s hard to get some people to come once a week for a couple hours. People are so busy today they don’t have time to really enjoy life like they should. I challenge you to spend your time wisely. Time is a very precious gift, but once it’s used there’s no getting it back. I’ve heard it said if you’re too busy to spend time with the Lord, then your too busy. How true! May your days be filled with peace and joy, making friendships while serving the Lord.

Terry Unthank

If you ask Terry Unthank who he loves the most, there is no question about it, God is the answer. Terry accepted Christ into his heart at the age of five. He received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at the age of seven, and answered the call to preach when he was eight years old. Terry has been singing since a very small child. He recorded his first album (cassette only) when he was a teenager. Terry also has been promoting Christian concerts since 1998. Over the years he brought in many artists including Avalon, The Crabb Family, Dottie Rambo, The Martins and many more. Terry was honored for his achievements in ministry by being awarded a key to the city of Fairfield, Ohio, and having a day named Terry Unthank Day by then Mayor Ronald D'Epiffanio. Terry has just recently released his new self titled cd, recorded at Daywind Studios in Hendersonville, Tn. This cd includes six new songs including two written by Terry. There is also three hymns and one cover song. Along with pastoring the Miracle Revival Center in Lindenwald, Ohio Terry enjoys sharing the new music with others. If you are looking for someone to sing and or preach at your church, festival, fair or event, contact Terry Unthank.
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