Song Garden Music Group Welcome The Hinson Family To “The Garden”

hinsonsThis family trio consists of husband and wife, Weston and Christy Hinson, and daughter Jordan…known by those close to her as Jordy.  Weston is the son of the late Kenny Hinson of the Original Hinsons and follows in his legendary father’s footsteps as the lead singer and front man of the group.  His wife Christy, the soprano of the group, is also a gifted songwriter, bringing a much needed element to assure that The Hinson Family tradition will continue.  Jordy, the alto of the group, is following her mom’s example of songwriting by writing and adding her particular style to the groups sound.  They each have songs which will be featured on their upcoming Song Garden release.

Whether their audience is young or old, they have effectively ministered the gospel thru their music, blending their voices together to bring listeners a family harmony and dynamic that has become synonymous to the Hinson name.  From promoters to fans, fellow artists to pastors, the consensus is that the Hinson Family has a bright future. They have a well-rounded approach of balancing music and ministry from one side of this great nation to the other.

Weston Hinson says, “We have been looking for a musical home and are thrilled to have joined “The Garden”.  We are excited about working together with Gus Gaches and The Keffers to spread this wonderful message thru our music.”

Song Garden Music Group Director Gus Gaches says “I was thrilled the first time I heard Weston, Christy, and Jordy.  Individually, they are each very talented, but when they come together as a family, there is an energy that is simply contagious!  It’s in their approach, their writing, their music, simply put, its in everything they do, and here in “The Garden” we are so excited about what God has for their future.  We are honored to work side by side with them and to be a part of that!”

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