REVIEW: Carolina Boys – Faith In a Great God



Producer: Jeff Collins
Record Label: Skyland Records/Crossroads Music Group

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Male quartets are almost a dime a dozen anymore and it’s sometimes hard for them to standout.  The Carolina Boys Quartet stands out for sure!  This is my first introduction to their music and if this is any indication of what’s to come…the sky is the limit.  They have a rich, full sound and blend very well together and they have put together a recording with a lot of very strong songs, with excellent arrangements.  They have a nice blend of old school quartet style and the sound of today and I believe this recording shows some great potential for these guys.  Consisting of Tenor, Patrick Campbell, Chuck Lowe on Lead, Toby Fricks singing Baritone and Stephen Jewell holding down the bass, there is a lot of like about this group and this recording.

The brass infused “FOR EVERY GOLIATH” gets the recording off to a great start and you get the feel you’re in for a treat with this recording.  “GOD MADE A WAY” keeps things in high gear before the tempo slows down for the power ballad, “BY A SHOW OF HANDS”, which features the smooth tenor vocals of Patrick Campbell.

Rebecca Peck penned the classic quartet sounding, “TREASURES IN HEAVEN”, which is a highlight of the recording before the tempo slows back down a bit for “HE STILL MOVES MOUNTAINS”, which features Toby Fricks.

Bass singer, Stephen Jewel sings the title song, “FAITH IN A GREAT GOD” before the tempo slows back down for the Phil Cross penned, “BLOOD OF JESUS”, which features lead singer, Chuck Lowe and is a highlight of the recording, as is the up-tempo Dianne Wilkinson penned, “I CRIED OUT” (which sounds like something the Kingdom Heirs would record).

The anthem, “I DIDN’T SEE HIM RISE” is a great sounding song, but I can’t place where I have heard the tune before, as the tune of the chorus sounds very, very familiar.  Country sounds abound with nice fiddle and guitar accents on the upbeat, “WHEN THEY HAD PRAYED” before slowing down for the power ballad, “GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON ME”.

The recording closes out with a spectacular performance on one of my all-time favorite songs (and classic tenor feature), “WALK WITH ME”.  (So glad they didn’t go the “Oh What a Savior” or “Little is Much” route for a classic tenor feature!)

I was already familiar with Toby Fricks from his time with the Providence Quartet, and glad to hear him with another first rate quartet.  While this is an excellent sounding recording, some of the songs are a bit predictable and hope to hear just a bit more variety from these guys in the future.  I love hearing music by newer groups and this was definitely no disappointment.  They have a classy sound and delivery and I look forward to hearing much more from these guys!

Track Listing
(stars denote personal favorites)

1 – For Every Goliath**
2 – God Made a Way
3 – By a Show of Hands
4 – Treasures in Heaven**
5 – He Still Moves Mountains
6 – Faith in a Great God
7 – Blood of Jesus**
8 – I Cried Out**
9 – I Didn’t See Him Rise
10-When They Had Prayed**
11-God Shed His Grace on Me
12-Walk with Me**


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James Hales

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