Ella Baumgardner, Daughter of Songwriter Jeff Baumgardner, Passes Away

ellabaumgardnerAfter a traumatic emergency brain surgery on Wednesday evening, Ella Baumgardner, the 10 year old daughter of songwriter Jeff Baumgardner, passed away on Friday evening, October 10, 2016.

Jeff posted the following on his Facebook today:

Ella’s story has only begun. My family had a front row seat for all 10 years as we watched this amazing baby impact everyone who knew her. We’ve always known she’s a hero, but now the world gets to know. 10 years cannot contain all that she was…she is. As countless parents lay on their faces begging God for a miracle for their babies, Ella is going to be that miracle for so many. My incredible baby girl is going to save many lives and restore other families as an organ donor. Though we must let go and say our goodbyes, we are blessed in knowing that it is not over. Her story….is just beginning. 

Continue to keep the entire Baumgarder family in your prayers as they face an incredibly hard journey of grief and recovery. We will post any details that may follow as they come forth.

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