REVIEW: Hoskins Family – Unbreak the World

hoskinsfamily-unbreaktheworldProducer:  Angie Hoskins and Shane Roark
Label:  Chapel Valley

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One of the most anticipated recordings for 2016 for me was this latest release by the Hoskins Family.  Their “Best of” recording that was released over 2 years ago only provided 3 new songs for us to enjoy, after an almost 8 year hiatus!  Needless to say, this recording was long overdue…and they did not disappoint!  Overall, this recording encompasses the sound that is uniquely the Hoskins Family and there are a bunch of songs I see doing very well for them at radio!

The recording starts off with the country sounding “THIS AIN’T THAT SONG”.  Angie reminds us that if you’re looking for a sad country tune, that “I’ve got a reason to sing…so if you want to hear me sing the blues…this ain’t that song!”  The song really sets the mood for the recording extremely well.

Donna King penned the title song, “UNBREAK THE WORLD” and it’s a masterpiece and the triumph of the recording.  With so much brokenness in the world today, we need to be reminded, “You unscar the wounded, You unshackle the chained…You’ve unlocked my faith, so let me unleash my praise, ‘cause I know one day, You will unbreak the world”

Angie’s daughter, Abby, steps up to sing “I’LL TAKE THE VALLEY” and she absolutely blows you away before the tempo picks up as Rick steps up to sing the bluegrass feel of, “LET’S ALL GO TO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD”.

Angie really has a knack for singing emotional ballads, and she doesn’t disappoint with the Gina Vera/Sue Smith penned jewel, “AND I KNOW”.  Sounding much like a country ballad, Angie will pull at every one of your heart strings before the song is done.  Keeping a similar tempo and feel, “HERE’S A REMINDER” features both Angie and Abby, as they reassure us, “…if you’re standing in the storm or you’re walking through the fire, and you need someone to tell you God is with you, here’s a reminder”.

Abby sings the dramatic, “WE WIN”.  While they pull off the song okay, it really sticks out on this recording and doesn’t seem to fit the overall feel of the recording, while Abby’s feature on “SILENCE” fits perfectly.

Rick steps up again to sing the bouncy, “ONE MORE MIRACLE” before Angie steps up to sing the Gina Vera penned, “I DON’T WANNA LOSE THAT FEELING”, which would make an excellent radio single.

Abby closes out the recording with a solo feature on “AS I AM”, which features just piano for accompaniment and is an appropriate closing for the recording.

As I stated, this recording is chock full of great songs, done in the Hoskins Family’s inimitable style.  I count at least 4 or 5 tunes that could be released and do well for the group at radio.  Fans of the Hoskins Family will absolutely love this latest release, and those who missed them the first time around, can now taste what they missed in the early and mid 2000’s!

Track Listing
(stars denote personal favorites)

This Ain’t That Song**
Unbreak the World
I’ll Take the Valley**
Let’s All Go to the House of the Lord
And I Know**
Here’s a Reminder**
We Win
One More Miracle**
I Don’t Wanna Lose that Feeling**
As I Am

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James Hales

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