Oh God, Why?

Bryan HutsonWe all have asked that question at sometime or another. I know that I have.

That’s usually the question that’s asked by unbelievers. “If there’s a God, WHY does He let bad things happen?”

Truth is- Yes, there IS a God, but I DON’T know WHY He allows those things to happen.

I believe that everything we face; every win, loss, success, struggle first goes through God’s hands.

He allows it. I don’t know why.

His methods often times don’t make sense to us. But His ways are SO far above our ways.

I also know that He wants what’s best for us.

Sometimes we must feel and experience pain in order for His purposes to be fulfilled.

Is that fair? Well, He made His only son; Jesus, to endure the Cross and DEATH and to be raised from the dead in order for His plan to be carried out. His redemptive plan for ALL mankind.

That was a pretty awesome plan. It proves that He has a better plan than I do.

I believe that God can “handle” it when we ask WHY. He knows His children and He knows that our minds can’t comprehend His methods.

He wants us to trust Him.

Has He ever not provided for us? No. Has He left us alone? No.

We must KNOW in our hearts that God is faithful and good. That’s the truth. He loves us more than we can  possibly fathom.

Yes, He loves His children. He also loves YOU as an individual. He cares about your pain and hurt. We wants to give peace where there is chaos.

Bryan Hutson

Bryan Hutson; 24 year veteran of southern gospel music now travels and ministers with his wife Yvonne in Rescue Me Ministries.
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