Tune-In Alert – AGM Interview

Nashville, Tenn. (March 13, 2017) The TCT Nashville Station (WJFB – Channel 22) will be airing an interview with President, Deon Unthank. Watch as Deon talks about how Absolutely Gospel was miraculously formed.

Nashville Alive is a weekly program about important happenings and ministries in the Nashville, TN area.

The Absolutely Gospel segment, hosted by Dr. Jimmy Snow, featuring Unthank as guest, will be airing on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 on TCT Network at 2:00am & 8:30am CST. You can watch it live on your television or at www.TCT.TV.

Unthank commented, “What an awesome opportunity to shared the story of  how God used the terminal illness of my late wife, Susan, to form a ministry that has touched millions of lives over he past 20 years. Thank you  TCT for also allowing me to share our 2017 AGM Award Celebration coming up on April 11th.”

A few hours after it airs it can be watched on the Video On Demand page of the website at  Be sure to copy the link and share on social media or e-mail to take friends directly to the interview.

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