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AGM Editor-In-Chief got a chance to sit down with The Perrys’ Troy Peach for this week’s feature. Get to know Troy a little better in this fun Q&A with one of industry’s hardest workers!

Chris Unthank: First, for those who might not be acquainted with you personally, give us a run down of your career in Gospel music.

Troy Peach: I started nearly 20 years ago playing piano for The Wilburns.  I was with them for two years and then I joined The Steeles. I was with the Steeles for almost six years.  After Katy and I were married we decided to minister together and began our own group, First Love. That later evolved into TK and McRae. From there I joined my friends, The Perrys (for the first time). Haha!  I was with The Perrys for four years and then started with The Bowling Family. I traveled with them for four years and now have been back with The Perrys for over two years. Wow. That’s a lot!! But I wouldn’t trade a single minute. I’ve learned so much in these last 20 years, and I’m so thankful for every experience that God has allowed me to gain. 

CU: With such a celebrated career, what brought you back to The Perrys?

TP: I always felt when I left The Perrys that I wasn’t finished here. I couldn’t explain it, but down deep I knew. I was perfectly happy with Mike and Kelly and had no intentions of going anywhere. We had seen them through the ordeal of that horrific bus wreck, and they were both back and better than ever. Sometimes God has very specific plans for a very specific time. I once had a friend speak great words over me, years ago, that I didn’t understand at the time. He told me that I had the gift of helps and that God had big plans for my life. I did not understand until these last six or seven years. I now know what he meant. Tracy and Libbi have always been incredible friends to our family, and I felt that it was God’s timing for me to return to The Perrys. Not that I was some kind of savior, but I knew that with my gifts, God would use me to help just like He did with Mike and Kelly, four years before. 

CU: What’s up next for The Perrys? New recording on the horizon any time soon?

TP: Yes! We are actually working on two new albums this year.  We are recording a new mainline release that will have some amazing new songs like only The Perrys can pick. We are also recording a first ever Christmas album. People know that Libbi and I are Christmas nuts so this is going to be so much fun for us!  

CU: Tell us about your family.

TP: Katy and I have been married for over 13 years now, and we have twin boys Clayton and Shelton, who just turned 11 years old. They definitely keep us on our toes. Katy is still the worlds greatest fill-in. She’s the only person I have ever seen that can step on stage with any group (with sometimes very little notice) and serve where she’s needed and never miss a beat. She is an amazing talent. I’ve never seen anything like it. The studio world keeps her busy some, but mostly she’s a stay-at-home mom to our boys and loves every minute of it. Well, most minutes anyway. Haha!  

CU: Do you ever foresee a future where you and Katy join forces in ministry again? 

TP: You know, with all the experiences that God has afforded me, I have learned to never say never. You never know what God has down the pike. I know firsthand, however, how tough it is to have a successful ministry on your own, so it would definitely have to be God who led us in that direction!

CU: When you’re not on the road, how do you spend your free time?

TP: Free time???  What’s that? Ha! Our boys have started basketball this year and I absolutely love attending practices and games when I can. I also still do some producing and engineering in the studio when time allows. I have a huge heart for the creation process.  Recently, I’ve just started consulting and training groups on live sound set up and all that entails. Somehow I’ve just found a niche for that and I really enjoy the training time with groups. 

CU: What advice can you give to young people who want to start a career in this business?

TP: Are you saying that I’m old now?? Seriously though, the best advice I can give is to develop a good work ethic!! Don’t be afraid or too lazy to work. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen. Learn everything you can from anyone who is willing to teach you, and then go out and do it!! I can’t stand laziness. Work is not a four letter word it’s something you do to be proud of!!  Seek God and He will lead you right where you need to be with the experience and abilities to do it!!

CU: What has God been teaching you lately?

Lately, God has shown me that He has not changed. He’s still the same as He has always been. I, like everyone else, fall short everyday, but with His help we will make it. God has shown me that old-time conviction still works, and that He is still convicting hearts and changing lives through, what I believe to be the greatest music ever sung, Southern Gospel Music. It’s an absolute honor to represent our awesome Savior, Jesus Christ!!

Chris Unthank

Chris Unthank is a seasoned veteran of Gospel music, having been a writer, performer, songwriter, and general music enthusiast for over two decades. He has been the Editor-In-Chief for AbsolutelyGospel.com since since January 2011. Chris is an avid fan of all things nerdy and resides in Murfreesboro, TN with his wife Noel and their four children.
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