The Selection – Bryan Hutson

Yvonne and I have a new “favorite TV show.”

“The Selection.”

The premise of the program is based on a select group of ordinary, untrained citizens being run through a series of challenges and situations led by former Navy Seals and Army Combat veterans.

This is weeks of intense, grueling scenarios and exercises that are used in the toughest training programs by our nations military.

I’ll admit that watching these people “tear off their patch” (off their shoulder- indicating that they QUIT) is tough. Some people we were really rooting for!

Oh, at first, I thought “Well, if I was part of that selection, I could make it though THAT.” But as the challenges were causing more and more “recruits” to quit, I had to face reality.

What would I REALLY do in a situation like that?

See,  it’s easy to sit back in our big comfy chair and watch someone go through a situation or even fall into a sinful struggle and say “Oh, I could make it through that!” Or “I’d NEVER do THAT.”

Really? No one really knows what they might do if faced with a similar situation. That’s the truth.

How would you handle it if you found out your spouse had cancer?

How would you react if your child walked away?

How would you respond if your boss fired you on the spot?

How would you deal with the knowledge that your marriage was over?

See, unless we’ve experienced the same situation that someone is facing, we don’t know HOW we would respond.

Trusting God is the ONLY way we can make it through anything. That’s the truth. Is that easy? No. It’s not easy because we want to be in control. We want to have our hands on the reins.

God is able and willing to help us through any situation that we are or WILL be facing.

So, the next time you see someone struggling or facing a situation, pray for them, have compassion and help them if you can. Don’t judge them.

Be Jesus, not their judge.

Prayer starter: “Father, forgive me if I’ve looked down on others that were struggling in their life. Help me to show your love to them. They need You, we all need You. In Jesus name. Amen.


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