REVIEW: CT & Becky Townsend – Faithful In the Valley/Faithful On the Mountaintop

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CT Townsend may not be a name everyone is familiar with, but he is the evangelist behind the Burlington Revival in Burlington, NC.  In 2016, the tent revival that was planned for only 2 weeks, went on for several more weeks, stirring the hearts of thousands of people, literally around the world.  CT Townsend has once again set up tent in Burlington this spring, and along with that, has released a new recording filled with great music.  Not only is he a tremendous preacher, he is also an excellent singer.  Here, along with his wife Becky, they have released 2 CDs (which has become a trend here lately), with a good amount of songs on each CD and each one with a specific theme.  Aptly titled, Faithful in the Valley and Faithful on the Mountaintop, these CDs are a testament of where CT and Becky have been and the songs that got them through.  Featuring some talented musicians such as Gordon Mote, Jason Webb, Jeremy Medkiff, Wanda Vick, Steve Brewster, Scott Sanders and others, the recording is truly a quality product all the way around.

Throughout both CDs, there is a good mix of features between CT and Becky, with CT taking the lead on most songs.  They sound very good together, as they both feature very stark country stylings and the songs they choose generally accentuate their style very well.  The songs for these 2 CDs focus on encouraging those who are in the valley and celebrating the mountaintops.

There are quite a few cover tunes on both CDs, but they’re not carbon copies of the original/popular versions.  These songs include Becky’s gritty performance of “I’VE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH” along with “NOT GUILTY” (Mandisa), “SOMETIMES IT TAKES A MOUNTAIN” (Gaither Vocal Band), “THROUGH THE FIRE” (Crabb Family), “IN THE PRESENCE OF JEHOVAH” (Martins), “GOOD TIME”, “GOD’S CEMETERY” & “I AM YOUR FATHER” (Steeles), “IF I SHOUT” (Jason Crabb), “SAY AMEN” (Brian Free & Assurance) and others; each baring their own trademark sound.

There is also a really great mix of new/unfamiliar songs including the up-tempo opener for Faithful in the Valley, “MY GOD DELIVERED ME”, which features and was written by CT.  Other great songs include “HE’S ALL I NEED”, “ONLY LITTLE LAMB”, “NEVER FAILED ME”, “ANGELS SIT DOWN” (a really, really great song!), “BECAUSE I SAID SO”, “IT’S TOO LATE” and a song that has become a standard in CT Townsend meetings, “GOD’S BEEN GOOD”, which is a highlight of the set.

Although the duo has a strong country sound, CT also can belt out some great soulful tunes, as evidenced in the songs “WORTH” and “MY GOD IS AWESOME” (which is the highlight of the CD set).

This CD set is a true gem and features some great songs meant to minister to hurting people and point them to where their help truly comes from.  Even though their base sound is country, they are not afraid to branch out with Praise & Worship, Inspirational, CCM, Black Gospel…and for the most part, they sound right at home with each style and do a tremendous job making the song fit them.

The overall quality of the recordings are excellent and you can tell much time and effort went into making these a truly quality product.  There are a couple of songs that don’t quite fit with the CD or not their vocal best, but overall this is a great piece of work and I believe accomplishes what the Townsend’s set out to do.  If you ever need a good pick me up or something to help minister to you as you go through a time of trouble, this is the CD set to keep close by.


Track Listing
(stars denote personal favorites)

Faithful in the Valley:

1 – My God Delivered Me**
2 – He’s All I Need**
3 – I’ve Been Through Enough
4 – Only Little Lamb**
5 – Sometimes it Takes a Mountain
6 – God’s Been Good**
7 – Not Guilty**
8 – Through the Fire**
9 – Worth
10-On the Other Side
11-In the Presence of Jehovah
12-Never Failed Me**


Faithful on the Mountaintop:

1 – Good Time
2 – Walking with Jesus**
3 – Angels Sit Down**
4 – Fresh Anointing**
5 – God’s Cemetery
6 – Hymn Medley (Soon & Very Soon/I’ll Fly Away/Everybody Will Be Happy Over There)
7 – If I Shout**
8 – I Am Your Father
9 – Say Amen
10-My God is Awesome**
11-Because I Said So**
12-It’s Too Late

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