REVIEW: Misty Freeman – Turn the Page

Producer: Trey Ivey & Scott Godsey
Record Label: Daywind Roots

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a decade since the always enjoyable Misty Freeman released her last solo recording – What If I’m Right? Since that recording, Misty has found time to become a mother while continue to tour every weekend with her family The Freemans. What history has proven with Misty as a solo artist is that she’s got a knack for choosing delicate songs that speak of life, love, and the Gospel. Her tender vocals have always been a favorite of mine, often recalling her biggest influences like Dolly Parton or Allison Krauss.

Misty is partnering with Daywind Roots for Turn the Page, her first new release that shows off Misty’s distinctive vocals and fresh arrangements. The album starts off with the early-Taylor Swift influenced “New Beginnings.” The slow build up to the impressive country based track shows off the skill of Ivey and Godsey as producers. “A Day In the Life of Jesus” follows and is easily one of the best songs on this EP. Musically, this recalls Misty’s big hit single “Faith, Hope, Love” so it should find a nice home at Southern Gospel radio.

“Garden of Grace” and “When God Speaks” are nice additions to the EP. “Garden of Grace” really shows off Misty’s range and you can hear the Krauss influence on her vocals here especially. Both of these have solid tracks that show off Misty’s love for country and bluegrass stylings.

The two real gems on this recording show up right in the middle. “Too Fast” was a song influenced by Misty’s children. As a father of two small boys myself, every time this song comes on it resonates with me. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of parenthood, and Misty’s vocals and delivery are some of her strongest to date. Speaking of strong vocals, the golden gem on this release is “The Sermon,” a beautiful ballad that speaks of how one’s life is best sermon a believer could ever preach to a seeker. Misty’s beautiful and intricate vocals really shine here. This should be a crowd pleaser, and if Daywind Roots doesn’t release it to radio, then a mighty disservice will have been done.

The biggest complaint about this release is that it took us 10 years to get anything new from this talented singer/songwriter. Don’t take so long next time, Misty.

Track Listing:

New Beginnings
A Day In the Life of Jesus
The Sermon
Garden of Grace
Too Fast
When God Speaks


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