REVIEW: Steve Ladd – No Excuses, No Regrets

Producer: Cody McVey
Record Label: Sonlite Records

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Steve Ladd is an amazing talent!  He never ceases to amaze with the power and finesse he sings with.  Whether in a group or as a soloist, Steve comes across as confident, genuine and a pure singing machine!  Each song on this EP shows a different side of Steve and showcases his abilities perfectly.  Granted, some I like more or less than others, all in all this is a tremendous collection of songs that showcase the powerhouse vocals of Steve Ladd.

The recording starts off with the uptempo, “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE GOD”, reminding us that “He’s an all things are possible God!”  The tempo slows down a bit for the highlight of the recording, “CHAIN BREAKER”.  Here Steve shows his prowess as a true artist, as he takes a song that literally everybody is singing and makes it completely his own.  I was hooked by the key change into the final chorus and this is my favorite rendition of this song!

The tempo slows down and take it back to the basics with just piano for the beautiful ballad, “WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY DONE”.  Steve turns in a heartfelt performance as he reminds us that sometimes we have to wait for God to answer and while we wait, we can pray…“while I wait for answers to come, Lord I’ll praise you for what You’ve already done”.

The tempo gets kicked back up for the title song, “NO EXCUSES, NO REGRETS” before the funk really sets in for the classic, “SINCE I LAID MY BURDEN’S DOWN”, which really showcases Steve’s soulful side.  I love the false ending when the tempo really gets kicked into high gear!

The recording closes out with the power ballad, “LIVING WATER”.  Previously recorded by Bob Carlisle, fans of Steve who love hearing him make the rafters ring with a strong power ballad (ie-“Preach the Word”) will love this song.

This was one of the most anticipated releases for 2017 and it lives up to the hype!  While I would have loved to have heard a full recording (yes I know I’m old school!), this definitely whets the appetite for more.  With such a short song list, there are a couple of songs I would have traded out for something maybe a little stronger, but overall these are very strong songs and all are done exceptionally well!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

All Things Are Possible God
Chain Breaker**
What You’ve Already Done**
No Excuses, No Regrets
Since I Laid My Burden’s Down**
Living Water**


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