Please Pray For Ernie Phillips

Taken from Bob Sellers FaceBook Page:


News is out that Ernie Phillips is in the hospital and several of you have messaged and otherwise inquired about his situation, so here is an update:

As you may know, Ernie is a 10+ year survivor of stage 4 colon and liver cancer. About a year ago, doctors found a spot of cancer that had come back in his colon and he’s been undergoing various treatments for it. His current dilemma is due to the side affects of the latest chemo drug he was taking. He went into the hospital running a high fever this past weekend. His white blood count was really low and he had pneumonia in both lungs. He’s received several units of blood and has not run any fever in the past two or three days, which is good, but still needs his white blood count to rise.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I know he and his whole family and extended family in gospel music appreciate it. Everybody that’s ever met Ernie loves him to death. That’s a testament to the man he is, which far exceeds even his talents as one of the greatest tenors to ever sing a song.

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