REVIEW: The McKameys – Be Brave

Producer: Jeff Collins & Roger Fortner
Record Label: Horizon Records

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How does one review the latest project by one of the most loved legendary groups in Southern gospel music?  I have asked myself this question over and over the last few days as I have listened to The McKamey’s 52nd project. Think about that now.  52 projects.  Their latest release once again proves to the fans, listeners and friends of the group, why they are still so very loved and why they are still out there traveling, singing and sharing their ministry of music as only they can.  They bring us songs that showcase, highlight and speak truth of God’s incredible faithfulness in every part of our life and journey.  This project offers the listener the promise of His great hope, strength, unconditional love and forgiveness.  Every song speaks the heart of The McKamey and what they have been known for so long.
My favorite songs from the project “So Good To Me,” “On and On,” “One Thing I Know,” and “Since When.”   I am certain you will find yourself tapping your foot and singing along with some of these songs as I have done the last few days of listening.
Once again, I am reminded of why people love this group.  The simplicity and realness of how they love and share Jesus in their music.
Track Listing:
So Good to Me
Living For Eternity
Come Forth As Gold
It’s Mine
Be Brave
On and On
For the Record
One Thing I Know
Jesus Passed By
Since When
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Dusty Wells

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