The Walkers Accident Damages Equipment Trailer

PERRY, Fla. – (September 6, 2017) – Multi-talented family group The Walkers suffered damages to their trailer on a trip to Kentucky over the course of a recent weekend evangelism stint. The group was headed to Indiana and Kentucky for a weekend of concerts August 25-27.  While traveling on Hwy 231 North in Campbellton, Florida, a semi truck forced the group’s van and trailer off of the road.

As the incident occurred, Gail Walker, who was driving at the time, steered the van onto the side of the road.  Less than a foot on the side of the road was an eight inch curb that the van and trailer ran up on.  Fortunately, there was no damage done to the tires and rims, axles, steering or anything else van related.

However, the trailer suffered quite a bit of damage.  The two rims on the passenger side were bent and the front tire went flat.  The front axle was also bent.  Clothes and shoes went flying in the front of the trailer.  Final damage assessed is that two new wheels and tires are necessary and the front axle must be replaced.

Billy Walker commented, “After 25 years on the road and probably close to 2 million miles traveled, I can count on one hand the number of incidents that we have had.  I’m sure there have been many that we’re unaware of but The Lord has always protected us.”

Dates for the weekend are being rescheduled.  

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