Getting to Know the Jordan Family Band

Staff writer Victoria Bowlin sits down with the Jordan Family Band to get to know this talented family and more about their ministry and debut release for Skyland Records – Joshua 24:15.

Victoria Bowlin: Tell us a little bit about your family. Who are the members of the group?

Jordan Family Band: Josh Jordan (Dad), Randa Jordan (Mom), Hutch Jordan (17), Alex Jordan (12), Grant Jordan (10), Keenan Atkinson (20)

VB: Why do you do what you do?

JFB: Of course the first thing we would say is because we are working for the kingdom and want to encourage people, see people come to know Christ, build up the church and all of this, but we also genuinely love what we are blessed to do!

VB: What is one of the funniest things that have happened while on tour? 

JFB: Oh wow, there are many of those! One particular from a few years back: A 70+ year old woman called and booked us for the church homecoming without telling anyone else in the church, as we found out later. When we arrived, another group was being let in by the Pastor to set up their sound. We noticed they were looking at us funny when we backed up to the door! I got out and introduced myself and he kinda nodded with a confused look like, “ok, nice to meet you…” I said, I’m not sure we are supposed to be here but was told to be here for the homecoming and sing. He started laughing and said, “did Mrs. ‘so-and-so’ call and book you?” I told him yes, and he just laughed and explained that was a long story and was not the first time she had done this but to come on in and set up and we will have a big ole time! They did take up double offerings and we were really taken care of and sold a ton of cds!

VB: Where’s your favorite place to stop on the road? 

JFB: Malls, trampoline parks and Dollywood!

VB: What has God been teaching you lately? 
JFB: To trust in Him fully and let Him do the rest!

VB: Do you have any new recordings or radio singles?

JFB: Our latest album entitled, Joshua 24:15, was released on the Crossroads/Skyland label back in March of this year. The album debuted at #12 on Billboard Christian and went as high as #11 on iTunes Christian/Gospel. Our debut single (“The Day”) peaked at #28 on the Singing News chart. Our current single (“My God Is Faithful”) is currently #39 on the Singing News chart and also peaked on the iTunes Christian/Gospel Single Song chart at #9 following a Facebook live video of the song that garnered over 1.3 million views in 2 days!

VB: This year at NQC, you guys sang on main stage during the power half hour set. How did that make you feel to be invited to do that? 

JFB: It was definitely an awesome and humbling feeling being “invited” to sing on main stage this year! It was actually our 3rd time singing on main stage at the NQC after moving on from showcases 2 other times, but the first invitation.

VB: What is the most rewarding moment you’ve experienced? 

JFB: The most rewarding moment is seeing lives changed by God’s power and anointing through our ministry! It definitely makes it worth every struggle or opposition!

VB: Are there any exciting things coming up? 

JFB: Definitely always something exciting going on! We are in pre-production with a new album already! We just came out of the NQC and were invited to The Nelons Sing Atlanta tour, along with adding many new states and tour stops already for next year!

VB: How can people get in touch with you and find out where you will be?
JFB: Our website is, www.jordanfamilyband.comFacebook is /thejordanfamilyband, and Email is info@jordanfamilyband.com

Victoria Bowlin

Victoria is a powerful singer, songwriter, author, and Faith-Inspired speaker who gives encouragement and hope through music and personal testimonies. Originally from West Columbia, SC, Victoria's background includes extensive singing and traveling full time with her family, The Shireys and participating in tent revivals held by her late Grandmother, Evangelist Mamie L. Clark. Through deliverance from a serious depression and multiple healings, God is using her testimony to reach countless people.
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