I’ll leave it all behind.

I’ll leave it all behind.

Deon Unthank, President, AbsolutelyGospel.com

There is an old camp-meeting song written by Joe Delk that we used to sing titled “I’ll Leave It All Behind”. The chorus went something like this:

I’ll leave it all behind, some happy day

On wings of Love, I’ll fly away

I’ll have no fear, I’ll never worry

One morning, I will leave it all behind

What a great thought that we will leave and get away from everything here, but I’d like to think about it from a different perspective. Not what you are going to leave behind and get away from, but rather what are you going to leave behind for others to remember of you.

What will people remember that you leave behind. Will it be that you hornswoggled your friends, that you couldn’t tell the truth if it was staring you in the face, or that you have a whole closet full of secrets. What will you leave behind?

Will people remember that you left behind the good deeds of helping your neighbor when he was sick by cutting his grass or taking her a meal because she was too sick to cook? Will they remember that you helped feed the hungry people when your church passed out food to the needy? Will they remember that you shared your testimony with everyone you could, sharing the story of Jesus in the process.

What a great thought that one day our troubles and cares of this life will be left behind. We will have fought the good fight and kept the faith and will be living for eternity with God, and all of our loved ones. Then again what a terrible thought that we might have done so much more before we left. We might have lightened the load of one more person, or lifted the spirit of that person who was ready to give up, or that we could have led one more person to Christ.

So it’s a fact, you’re going to leave it all behind, but the question is… just what will you be leaving behind.


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