REVIEW: Mylon Hayes Family – Hymns & Classics, Vol. 2

Producer: Mylon Hayes & Jeff Collins
Record Label: Independent

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As a fan of “old” music, I was elated when this recording came out.  Featuring some tremendous songs from the past, the Mylon Hayes Family breathed new life into some of these standards.  With just the family vocals and the piano artistry of Stan Whitmire, they took some songs that aren’t on everyone else’s playlist and made them their totally own.

The recording starts off with a call to worship with the Dottie Rambo classic, “HOLY SPIRIT THOU ART WELCOME” before the tempo gets kicked up for the convention classic, “OH HAPPY DAY”.

Mylon and Kennedy each take a verse of the Gaither classic, “I’VE BEEN TO CALVARY” before kicking things back up for the Dad Speer penned favorited, “OH THE GLORY DID ROLL”.

The highlight of the recording is the breathtaking rendition of the classic, “I FIND NO FAULT IN HIM”.  Modeled after the Speers rendition from 1971, the group took it and made it completely their own and it’s an absolute masterpiece!

Once again, convention sounds prevail with “I’M TELLING THE WORLD ABOUT HIS LOVE” before the tempo slows down for the soulful, “REACH OUT TO JESUS”.  One of my favorite songs from the late 60s/early 70s era and the group does a superb job with their rendition of this forgotten classic!

The family does a good job on “WELL DONE MY CHILD” before turning in an excellent performance on one of my all-time favorite songs, “WHAT A MEETING IN THE AIR”.  I never get tired of hearing this great song!

Rounding out the recording is one I’ve never heard before, “GOD GIVE US CHRISTIAN HOMES” and an instrumental rendition of “GOODBYE WORLD, GOODBYE” featuring Conner and Bailey on a piano duet.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this latest release by the Mylon Hayes Family.  While it’s not a mainline release, it’s a positive break from the norm and provides some great musical moments and features some wonderful forgotten standards.  As the modern day “Speer Family”, this family is a true gem in our industry and each recording they release is truly a breath of fresh air!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome
Oh Happy Day**
I’ve Been to Calvary**
Oh the Glory Did Roll**
I Find No Fault In Him**
I’m Telling the World About His Love**
Reach Out to Jesus**
Well Done My Child
What a Meeting in the Air**
God Give Us Christian Homes
Goodbye World, Goodbye


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James Hales

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