Ones to Watch 2018

Welcome to AbsolutelyGospel.com’s annual feature: Ones-To-Watch: Artists Poised to Take Over Your Music Player. Every time about this year, those in the music industry are inundated with “buzz” artists – those artists that look to take the music world by storm with their new (and sometimes no-so-new) approach to faith-based music. Here are 6 artists that we feel are going to win over the hearts of music fans in 2018 in one way or another. At this point – these are the artists that we feel are the “ones to watch” for next year.

Griffith Familty

From: Nashville, Tennessee
Website: www.griffithfamilymusic.com

The Griffith Family share a personal message in their live appearances that resonates with listeners needing to know the love and grace of God. Their touring schedule has taking them across the United States and Canada into churches, various concert venues and stepping onto high profile stages such as the South Carolina Songfest in Spartanburg, South Carolina, appearances at The National Quartet Convention and numerous appearances at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Victoria Bowlin

From: Miller’s Creek, North Carolina
Website: www.bowlinministries.com

Victoria Bowlin brings a message of Hope and healing by sharing the love of Jesus through word and song. In ministry with her husband Aaron, their hearts’ desire is to lead people to Christ through the Word of God, their testimonies, life experiences, and music. Aaron and Victoria are being used in a mighty way, affecting lives all across the country. Victoria is used through her singing, writing, and Faith- inspired speaking. When you enter into worship with Bowlin Ministries, their prayer is that you encounter the Holy Spirit in a way that you will never forget.


New Legacy Project

From: Nashville, Tennessee
Website: www.newlegacyproject.com

Rick Price, owner and founder of New Legacy Project, began his 40-year career in Southern Gospel music with the legendary Blackwood Brothers Quartet.  After Cecil’s death, with the support of his widow, he and Chris Blackwood formed the Blackwood Legacy. Rick made the decision to rename Blackwood Legacy to New Legacy Project, believing that God is speaking into the ministry in a new way. As always, Rick surrounds himself with some of the finest singers and musicians in the industry today. In addition to their talent, they all have a special call on their life. The group consists of Spokane native, Luke Yates, Hunter Sparkman and Paul Secord of Nashville, and newest addition, John Hilton, who was born and raised in Ozark, Missouri. All of these men are experienced and gifted beyond belief.

Master’s Promise

From: Trenton, Michigan
Website: www.masterspromise.com

Master’s Promise is a young trio comprised of Katelyn Montgomery, and sisters Rachel and Hannah SancriccaThough only officially founded as a ministry in 2012, the group has shared a stage together for 6 years, creating their unique sound and tight harmony. At 19 and 21 years old, the trio has been amply blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ through their music all across the country. Since their official launch into music evangelism in May of 2012, God has used this unique ministry to bring hundreds of souls to Christ–something the group would be first to say is nothing of their own doing. The only Hope for this generation is Jesus. The Master’s Promise ministry is founded solely on that message.


Jordan Family Band
From: Calhoun, Georgia
Website: www.jordanfamilyband.com

In October of 2009 Josh Jordan’s dad, Bro. Fain Jordan, passed away unexpectedly. It was shortly thereafter, while struggling with shock and a great sense of loss, the Lord allowed Josh, his wife Randa, and their three boys to hear the single “Dealing With Gold” by the Inspirations while driving down the road one evening. Through this song, the Lord brought great comfort to their family and touched their hearts deeply. It quickly became a favorite of the entire family. After purchasing the album in its entirety, the Jordan children – Hutch, Alex and Grant – quickly started singing along with each of its tracks. “Inspired by the Inspirations,” Josh and Randa like to say, they realized that this was a great opportunity to start a family group.  The Jordan Family Band represents something that few people witness in today’s gospel music scene: a complete family unit singing, playing, and ministering together.


Johnny Minick & the Stewart Brothers
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Website: www.johnnyminickandthestewartbrothers.com

Featuring the remarkable talents of Johnny Minick of the Happy Goodmans and Goodman Revival fame, along with brothers Phil and Lonnie Stewart, this bright new group comes to fill a giant void to the ears of millions still seeking to hear those close harmonies with understandable words and musical tracks that grab the attention of the most avid music fans. Reaching back to reclaim some of the most beautiful classics of sacred music the energy and excitement of this new group will be setting the world on fire with this groundbreaking project. The group’s debut with Spring Hill Music Group will release on January 12, 2018.

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