REVIEW: Perry Sisters – Tellin’ the Story

Producer:  Shane Roark
Label:  Chapel Valley

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One of the groups I loved during the 1980s and 1990s was the Perry Sisters.  They put out some great music back in the day.  In recent years, they have come back out on a limited basis, but each recording, while very good in their own right, just didn’t seem to really capture the essence of who they were.  Currently, consisting of original Perry Sister, Diana Perry Gillette, her daughter Nicole along with April Wilson, they found their essence with this latest release.  If you weren’t around to enjoy the group during the 80s and 90s, pick up some of their music on eBay or some other way and compare it to this latest release…it’s like they never left!  Before the first song was even halfway over, I knew this was going to be a great recording…and it did not disappoint!

The recording starts off with the uptempo, “COME DRINK OF THIS WATER, which really does sound like something the group would have recorded during the 90s and is the perfect opening song before the tempo slows down for the dramatic, “GO TELL, which is the first single from the recording, just in time for Easter!

Speaking of Easter, Diana brings back one of her most popular songs from the early days, “I WONDER HOW MARY FELT” and does a marvelous job interpreting the heartfelt, Easter themed lyric before the tempo picks back up for another Perry Sisters classic, “A KNOW-SO KIND OF FEELIN’, which definitely will get some hands to clappin’!

I was thrilled to see the group revive one of my personal favorite Perry Sisters tunes, “THE PRICE OF ONE CROWN, which leads perfectly into the medium tempo, “HE COULD HAVE SAVED HIMSELF.

The fun “TELL IT TO THE MAN UPSTAIRS” is a nice deviation from the norm, as is the gospel feel of the soulful, “I HAVE TO BELIEVE, written by Rita Springer.

The tempo picks back up as they revive another Perry Sisters favorite, “LET THE WIND BLOW” before the tempo slows down for the highlight of the recording, “A WILLING VESSEL.  Diana gives one of her best performances ever on this call to action, “He just needs a willing vessel, one that’s willing to obey, even when the vessels broken, He doesn’t throw it away, He will pick up all the pieces, for He can mend them like new…He just needs someone like you.”  While the song will probably never make it to radio, it’s the highlight of the recording.

Diana’s songwriting well has not gone dry, as she wrote all but one song on this recording (5 new songs and 4 older tunes).  Vocally, the group is spot on and the tracks are superbly done.  The songs are paced well and there is a variety of songs to enjoy.  I personally have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this recording over and over again and is definitely one of the best released for 2018.  If you’ve not been familiar with the group, it’s time to get acquainted and this is the recording you need to get.  If you were a fan of the group back in the day and you haven’t kept up, it’s time to get reacquainted with the Perry Sisters!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Come Drink of this Water**
Go Tell**
I Wonder How Mary Felt**
A Know-So Kind of Feelin’**
The Price of One Crown**
He Could Have Saved Himself**
Tell it to the Man Upstairs
I Have to Believe
Let the Wind Blow**
A Willing Vessel**


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James Hales

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