Kathy Crabb Hannah Pours Hope Into Women’s Lives with Her Latest Book – she persisted.

(Nashville, TN)- Orphaned and abandoned at 13….a high school drop-out by 14….left for dead after a random brutal attack in a parking lot at 17….What sounds like the narrative description for a gut wrenchingly emotional Hollywood screenplay is actually the beginning chapter of Kathy Crabb Hannah’s real life. But beyond the gripping tale of shocking tragedy, grief, set backs, abuse, and heartbreak, there is also hope, redemption, faith, and miracles that only God could deliver. The story takes a beautiful turn for the better, revealing a phoenix rising from the ashes…stronger from the struggle.

In, she persisted. (Hannah House Publishing, June 2018, ISBN: 9781933876255), the Crabb Family matriarch and author/speaker, Kathy Crabb Hannah writes a raw, personal, and completely unfiltered look into her life’s ‘what-could-have-beens’, followed by bigger-than-life God-moments, a sometimes shocking ride down the road to truth, but laced with perpetual hope.

“My story speaks to every women who has ever said I can’t….it’s just too much,” Kathy explains. “I leave nothing to the imagination, walking you through the ups and downs of my life to give you hope, encouragement, and support to tell your truth. Before there was a universal cry to exonerate victims and their stories, this manuscript was being written. That’s a God thing.”

The sophomore follow-up to Kathy’s popular first book {Stronger},  she persisted. is clearly the Christian answer to a #metoo world from a writer that understands that life isn’t always fair, but God is always good. The secrets of the church may rival the atrocities of the world at times, but Kathy constantly directs the reader to the truth of God’s word with certainty and without compromise; reminding us of His goodness that never ceases and His control that never wavers.

“I want this book to infuse you with hope and confidence and I personally want to be that supportive hand to hold we all sometimes need when life feels overwhelming or unfair,” Kathy states. “Let my story encourage you on your journey to know that yes, you’ve got this! Let’s build each other up with love, support, and experience the joy that comes from a strong sisterhood of Godly women.”

She persisted….and so can you, sister!

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