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A Busy April for The Walkers

Hello Absolutely Gospel,

It has been some time since I have written our “monthly” article.  I get so busy and before I realize it, it is the middle of the month.  By that point I say to myself that I WILL get the article done and submitted in a timely manner for the next month.  Next thing I know, it is the middle of the month and we’re right back where we were.  It’s a cycle and this month I’m breaking it.

As I am writing this I am in my car, obviously not driving, on the way to Nashville, TN.  We are on our way for the Absolutely Gospel Award show.  I have some business to attend to and AG Publicity, the best publicity firm in southern gospel music, has interview opportunities for me.  We are excited about coming to the award show this year.  We are fortunately making good inroads into the industry and this is a great place to continue relationships with individuals and meet new folks.

It has been an extremely busy year for The Walkers.  We’d first like to say a great big Thank You to Vonda and Paula at Hey Y’all Media, our radio promotions firm, for pushing our latest single, “Holy Spirit Flow Through Me” into the Top 40 of SGN Scoops for this month.  We have had 2 Top 10’s and a Top 20 song in the Christian country industry and this makes our 3rd charting song in southern gospel but our first Top 40.  We’re getting ready for a new release to radio in the next month or so so be on the listen for “What Jesus Did For Me” at your favorite southern gospel station.

We have been traveling a lot.  We have been to Virginia a couple of times, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama and of course Georgia and Florida.  The concerts have been great and we have been blessed to see people emboldened, empowered, and equipped to go into the mission field of their own cities and carry the gospel to a lost and dying world.  Chart songs and awards are awesome and they have their place.  They are tools that open doors to events and churches across the country that might not otherwise invite you in, but they cannot compare to the thrill of seeing that person walk down the aisle with the intent to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.

We have many projects in the works here at Walker Ministries, Inc.  I will go into a bit more detail next time as this is getting a bit long.  We just ask that you pray for our family and our ministry.  If we can be of service to you you can email me  Visit us online at and at  Have a great month.

The Walkers

In 1991, the Walkers began a full time ministry that was primarily based in Florida and South Georgia. By the end of 1992 their territory had expanded to the 6 southeastern states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North and South Carolina. As time went on, word got out about a dedicated family that was spreading the Gospel through music and preaching and invitations starting coming from farther away. As of 2016, the ministry has expanded from coast to coast, ministering in 42 states and the nation of Canada.
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