Michael Combs Makes Fan’s Dream Come True

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (April 20, 2018) – Recent Absolutely Gospel Music Award winner Michael Combs got the chance to make a dream come true for a fan. The talented singer/songwriter wanted to share the story with his fans:

“On Feb. 12, 2018, Michael received an unusual message left on his office answering machine. The message was from Robert Smith of Calhoun, Georgia. Robert wanted to surprise his wife Kim. Kim Smith has been singing for 20 years. She enjoys singing at a rehab close to home and other places when asked. Kim’s favorite Southern Gospel singer is Michael Combs. Her favorite Michael Combs song is ‘Carry Me Jesus.’

On March 26, 2018, Kim was going to Daywind Studios in Nashville,Tennessee to record an album. In honor of Michael she wanted to not only record ‘Carry Me Jesus’ on her album, but she wanted to title her album Carry Me Jesus.

Weeks before her recording date in conversation with Robert, she said, ‘Boy it would be like a dream come true if Michael Combs and I could sing ‘Carry Me Jesus’ together.’ Nothing else was said about it. However, Robert just couldn’t get that out of his mind. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So on February 12, 2018, he made that call to Michael’s office.

Denise, Michael’s wife of course returned Robert’s call. Robert was so surprised. He said, ‘I thought I would never even get a call back.’

Robert shared his and Kim’s conversation with Denise.  Denise was so touched by Robert’s excitement of wanting to surprise Kim. She knew Michael’s traveling schedule wouldn’t allow him to be in Nashville on that date, but she couldn’t get it off her mind. So she went to Michael and shared the whole story. Needless to say, he was very touched. He thought a moment. Then he said, ‘Denise, I don’t have to be there. Kim can have a duet with me because Daywind has my tracks to ‘Carry Me Jesus’.’

Denise called Robert and advised that Michael could not come into the studio on March 26.  She told him since Michael had recorded his last album with Daywind that they had his tracks, and they could add Michael to her album as if he was in the studio and singing with her.

Robert said, ‘That’s even better because I think Kim would be too nervous to sing with Michael Combs in the room.’ He was thrilled! So Denise got to work and made all the necessary calls and arrangements.

On March 26, 2018 while Kim was in the studio with Rick & Micah Schweinsberg, she asked, ‘Have you ever met Michael Combs?’ They said, ‘Yes.’  She asked, ‘Is he really nice? You know down to earth kinda guy?’ Rick told Denise later that they had quite a conversation about Michael.

It wasn’t till the next day when Kim had completed her album that they told her about her surprise.

Robert texted this message to Denise: ‘Kim knows everything now; she wants to call and thank you and Michael. She has called all her family and friends and told them. By the way, I would have to say that you have not made Kim’s day; you have made her whole year. She has not stopped talking about it since she’s found out. I’m waiting for her to talk about it in her sleep.’

Denise says ‘The four of us have all talked, and we are looking forward to meeting face to face one day down the road. We can’t wait to hear Kim’s Carry Me Jesus album. No doubt God will use Kim and her album to bless many.”

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