REVIEW: LeFevre Quartet – Ascending

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: New Day Records

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The LeFevre name has been one of the cornerstone names in gospel music for almost 100 years.  Mike LeFevre and his son, Jordan both proudly carry the LeFevre name along with fellow vocalists Jeremy Peace and Keith Plott.  While I have been following the group from a distance the last few years, I hadn’t yet heard anything that really made me say “WOW”…until now!  This latest release by the LeFevre Quartet is the best recording they’ve ever done and is, hands down, the top release for 2018 so far.  I can’t stop listening to it!

The banjo infused, “I HAVE IT ALL” gets the recording off to a great start before moving on to the highly energetic, “REVIVAL”.  A recent hit by CCM group Third Day, the LeFevre Quartet does a tremendous job with their version and it will no doubt be a hit on the concert stage and would be a great song to send to radio.

Gerald Crabb and Dianne Wilkinson penned the power ballad, “A RUGGED OLD CROSS” and features an exceptional performance by Jordan LeFevre.  I love how they managed to infuse part of old hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross” into the song and this song will no doubt be a fan favorite and top single contender.

Mike LeFevre steps up to sing the emotionally tinged, “I’LL SEE YOU AT THE HOUSE”.  Anyone who has lost a loved one will be able to easily relate to the song and the message of hope it contains.

The tempo picks back up for one of my personal favorites, “SAILING AWAY”.  Jeremy absolutely nails it and this song will no doubt be a fan favorite for years to come and it followed by the current single release, “SUN’S GONNA COME UP”, which keeps things in up-tempo mode.  Penned by Lee Black and Scotty Inman, it sounds similar to “I HAVE IT ALL”, but it’s a great tune that will definitely stick with you and should do well at radio.

The tempo slows back down for another power ballad, “ONLY JESUS” before Keith Plott belts out one of the finest bass features I’ve heard in a while with the soulful feel of the up-tempo, “SILVER AND GOLD”, which reminds me of his performance of “Jesus Will Pick You Up” back when he sang with Brian Free & Assurance.  The song is an excellent closing song for this stellar recording and definitely leaves you wanting more!

Listening to this recording is an uplifting and exhilarating experience! I am literally blown away!  With only 8 songs (which has been a common trend lately) there is absolutely not a bad song on this recording.  Every song on this recording could be a single and would be met with great approval in concerts across the country.  Everything from song selection, arrangements, vocals and overall production is outstanding.  This is a career recording that every artist longs for, but few manage to attain.  The hardest part will be trying to do the follow-up recording!  If you buy only 1 Southern Gospel recording this year, let it be this one!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

I Have It All
A Rugged Old Cross**
I’ll See You at the House**
Sailing Away**
Sun’s Gonna Come Up
Only Jesus
Silver and Gold**


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James Hales

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