Getting to Know The Griffith Family

Staff writer Matthew Lawson talks with Tony Griffith of up-and-coming family trio The Griffith Family.

Matthew Lawson: The Griffith Family has a rich history of family harmony, holy anointing and industry professionalism. Tony, tell us about your family and ministry.

Tony Griffith: Well we are a very close bunch. Julie and I have both traveled respectively with our families and now together with our own.  Our ministry is based on God’s never failing ability to restore. Night after night we have the honor of sharing how God took our broken marriage and turned it into a full time ministry!! We love to sing and share his goodness and try to do it to the best of our abilities while being as transparent as possible. The world needs real! That’s what we want to be.

ML: Tony, you are a full-time producer and engineer in Nashville, TN. What do you specialize in, apart from touring and ministering, concerning this area of your career?

TG: Well music is my full time job for sure and producing is becoming more and more a part of that. I love to create! There is nothing more incredible than hearing a demo at it core and having the opportunity to bring it to life for the artist you are working for. I think hearing a song is my strong suit. Many times great songs get left behind because the artist just can’t get past what the demo sounds like.  My job is to take them to a place musically where the song can take shape. Then translate that to the musicians to put to tape.

ML: The Griffith Family recently signed with New Day Records, a division of Daywind Music Group. Tell us a little bit about your upcoming freshman release, “Relentless”.

TG: TG: This record for us has been so much fun!! The songs are very vibrant and full of life. They also tell a story that will allow the listener to really see into our lives. God’s love for us is “Relentless”! Julie was “Relentless’” in her prayers for me when we were going through our marriage problems and we are all as a unit determined to be “relentless” in our pursuit of His perfect will for us. One song “Now I Can Sing” is a fun tune that is a testament of why we do what we do! We can sing because we have been brought through  our hardships and have a reason to worship. “It’s All about Jesus” just sums up our purpose and motto so speak. There are so many great songs and writers on this record! “That’s Who He Is” has done well for us at radio and will be on this new record as well as our newest single that should be out very soon “It Took The Cross”. Without the cross we wouldn’t be here today!

ML: Many of our viewers may not know that you are a full time evangelist as well. When did you first feel God calling you to preach the Gospel or did it come along with the music?

TG: I accepted the call to preach at the age 15. Though I never really walked in it so to speak until the last few years. I always knew that God had that calling on me but in all honesty was not very confident in it. When God did a work in me about 5 years ago now it lit a fire under me like never before. Since then I have been preaching revivals and Camp meetings and speaking anywhere that would let me. As much as I love singing, there is nothing more fulfilling than preaching the gospel and encouraging Gods people.

ML: What is a particular passage of scripture that you and Julie have held onto during your marriage, as you have a very special testimony of God’s restoration power?

TG: Ephesians 3:20 says “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” He has made a way for us when seemed to be no way! Not just once but so many times. He is faithful and for that we are grateful!

ML: What is your favorite restaurant to take your family to when you are home and not on the road?

TG: Ha! This is a loaded question! We have really been fond of the Ruby Tuesday salad bar lately. The sad thing is that the croutons are my favorite part. Lol. I’m a bigger guy and love steak so Logan’s and the Golden Coral in Clarksville are pretty dear to my heart. Jamie has really become family in just his first few weeks with us. He has given me a new love for Waffle House. Can I get an Amen to some chocolate chip pancakes?!?! He and Julie have also developed a taste for white castle lately.  Luckily there is a Churches Chicken in the same building.

ML: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

TG: Boy that question could keep me talking for quite a while. I love music and the people who bring it to life.  I don’t know that I could call just one or two out by name. The guys I use time after time who bring there best every single time, no matter the project or artist. Those are my favorites. Thankfully there are too many to name. They know who they are and how much I love and appreciate their efforts.

For more information, visit the Griffith Family online.

Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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