REVIEW: Debbie Cochran – Born Again Wildflower

Producer: Kent Wells
Record Label: Independent

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Debbie Cochran: singer, songstress, dreamer, storyteller, believer, and Born Again Wildflower.

Since her freshman release, It’s Never Too Late, in 2011, Debbie has inspired countless listeners with her warm lyrics and sweet country sound. With her home in Batesville, and her heart in Nashville, her passion for country and gospel music has followed her all of her days, and has poured out through five albums over the past seven years.

On this her sixth record, Born Again Wildflower, Debbie invites the listener into her world; a garden full of beauty and delight, of seasons and trials, roses and thorns, prayers and praise. With beautiful ear-catching melodies married to her metaphorical lyrics, this album emanates a strong vibe that blends traditional gospel with The Carpenters and Dolly Parton. And to that effect, who better to collaborate with on the title cut than Miss Dolly herself? With a special appearance by the country queen, in addition to fan favorite, “Lord, Did I Miss The Rapture,” Born Again Wildflower is sure to be Cochran’s strongest album to date.

“Born Again Wildflower,” through various imagery, depicts the daily struggles of life, even that of a Christian. The beautiful and unique melody is highlighted by the unmistakable voice of Dolly Parton, blending in perfect harmony with Debbie. This staple song transitions smoothly into a humbling redemption story, called, “Bouquet of Roses.” Painted by a gorgeous melody and stunning chords, this piece is a picture of what makes Debbie Cochran such a unique artist. The rose theme continues with “Crown of Thorns Grows Pretty Roses,” another superbly crafted melody, highly reminiscent of The Carpenters at several points throughout the song.

The album takes a sharp country-turn at Track 4, with “Lord, Did I Miss The Rapture.” As the title might allude, this is a one-of-a-kind song, wittily portraying everyday life in the end times. “Perfect Love” then settles in with a Sunday-drive sort of feel. Lighthearted and lovely, this song makes an encouraging preface to Track 6, “Pray It All Away,” which speaks to the power of prayer over downheartedness.

“Soak Up The Son” brings a fresh wave of cheer, following “Red Letters Falling From The Sky.” Track 9 then rolls in with another superb melody, paired with an uplifting lyric and stand-out guitar licks, “Walking With the Lord.” The final song of the album, “Written in Stone,” has arguably the prettiest arrangement of the album. The musical accompaniment and supporting voices perfectly complement Debbie’s strong vocal performance.

This collection of tunes presents some of the prettiest melodies to be found in country music today. Brought to life by the magnetic voice of Debbie Cochran, these songs are expertly produced and earnestly communicated. Born Again Wildflower is a lovely and unique addition to any country gospel fan’s music collection.

Track Listing:

Born Again Wildflower
Bouquet of Roses
Crown of Thorns Grows Pretty Roses
Lord Did I Miss the Rapture
Perfect Love
Pray It All Away
Red Letters Falling from the Sky
Soak up the Son
Walking with the Lord
Written in Stone


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Rachel Lynn

Rachel Lynn Sancricca is a national speaker, singer, and songwriter, using her multi-faceted ministry to spread the joy of the Gospel of Jesus. Founder of the up-and-coming trio, Master's Promise, she has spent the past 6 years (and counting) traveling across the country on a mission to edify the Church, and lead souls to the cross through powerful worship and testimony. With numerous song cuts on nationally released albums, several of which hitting the Top 100 on Southern Gospel radio, the horizons of her songwriting continue to expand, as she gives glory to God for allowing the message of Hope in Jesus to spread through her music. Her prayer is that in every word spoken, every phrase written, and every song sung, the Name Above All Names would be clearly heard and lifted high, and all people would be drawn into a deeper, closer, richer relationship with this wonderful Jesus.
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