REVIEW: Gordon Mote – Love Love Love

Producer: Phil Johnson & Gordon Mote
Record Label: New Haven Records

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With an impressive collection of TEN full-length records already behind him (three instrumental and seven vocal), Gordon Mote has a brand-new collection of hits on his hands. The Country Music Award-winner has served up a piping hot cup of genre-spanning freshness, style, and simple truth with his eleventh release, Love Love Love.

The title cut, “Love Love Love” is a beautiful, simple song, with a beautiful, simple message. Listeners will lean in a little closer to their speakers, as Mote’s storytelling transcends the confines of sound, and paints a picture before their very eyes. Opening with an unforgettable string ensemble, Track 2 immediately seizes the audience’s attention once again, and drives the message of love home, with a soul-soaked rendition of “Love Is The Golden Rule.”

Track 3 is the moment when the album catapults from strong, to unforgettable. “Let The Ordinary Make You Happy” is a guaranteed smile from start, to finish. It’s the song listeners will play for their friends when they get in the car. It’s a flawless marriage between a remarkable message, and a brilliantly unique composition. This song fills the gaping hole that music didn’t even know it had. Then, in a perfect change of pace and dynamic, the cheerful frolic of “Let The Ordinary Make You Happy,” fades into the sway of “Grace Became Amazing.” The powerful ballad sings a testimony, of when “love broke every chain,” the Blood of Christ covered sin, “life began changing,” and “grace became amazing.”

Track 5 rolls in with the help of the Oak Ridge Boys, singing “Set Your House In Order” in a driving, country gospel flavor. Strong music and lyrics, met with timeless vocals present the charge, “Set your house in order for the coming of the Lord.” The song makes for a perfect prelude to the impactful lyric of “Live Forgiven,” which speaks chain-breaking truth and freedom over the lives of children of God who continue to walk in the bonds of shame. The delightfully soulful song that pulls up at Track 7 is sure to garner a ‘repeat,’ as it calls out every discontented heart for giving fear the time of day. It says, “If you’ve got time to worry, you’ve got time to pray.” Following “Time To Pray,” is undoubtedly an album favorite, perhaps an all-time favorite from Gordon Mote, “Remember For Me;” a song that delicately bestows hope to the loved ones of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This divinely crafted lyric will leave a mark on every life that has ever been touched by either of these diseases.

At Track 9, “Just Believe” adds a rhythmic, Joseph Habedank-style vibe, just before the climactic, orchestrated piece, “His Strength Is Perfect.” Clothed in heart-strengthening Scripture, and paired with a full choir, this song is an epic and pivotal moment, as the record draws to a close. The extraordinary, “Love Crusade,” bestows a timeless charge to Christians in a way that is current, exciting, and will not be forgotten. Even at the second-to-last song, this tune takes Love Love Love to, yet, another level.

The finale steps in with a feature by none-other than Cana’s Voice, rounding off the record with a song that embodies soul itself. “People Get Ready,” pulls out all the stops: flawless power vocals, a smooth and intricate musical interlude (complete with organ), and it leaves listeners with a parting plea—to get ready for the soon-coming return of Christ.

With its masterful production, unique style, and soul-stirring lyrics, this diverse, yet cohesive set of tunes knocks it out of the park; perfectly stewarded by the unmatched talents of Gordon Mote. Sure to be a fan-favorite for years to come, this album is deserving of one response: love, love, LOVE.

Track Listing:

Love Love Love
Love Is the Golden Rule
Let the Ordinary Make You Happy
Grace Became Amazing
Set Your House In Order
Live Forgiven
Time to Pray
Remember For Me
Just Believe
His Strength Is Perfect
Love Crusade
People Get Ready
Invitation (Won’t You Come)


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Rachel Lynn

Rachel Lynn Sancricca is a national speaker, singer, and songwriter, using her multi-faceted ministry to spread the joy of the Gospel of Jesus. Founder of the up-and-coming trio, Master's Promise, she has spent the past 6 years (and counting) traveling across the country on a mission to edify the Church, and lead souls to the cross through powerful worship and testimony. With numerous song cuts on nationally released albums, several of which hitting the Top 100 on Southern Gospel radio, the horizons of her songwriting continue to expand, as she gives glory to God for allowing the message of Hope in Jesus to spread through her music. Her prayer is that in every word spoken, every phrase written, and every song sung, the Name Above All Names would be clearly heard and lifted high, and all people would be drawn into a deeper, closer, richer relationship with this wonderful Jesus.
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