REVIEW: Sunday Drive – A Million Miles

Producer: Jeff Collins
Record Label: Sonlite Records/Crossroads Music Group

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Sunday Drive and Crossroads have teamed up to release a brand new mainline recording project. Let’s dive right in.

“Right Where I Need To Be” is the opening track on the project written by Don Stiles. A catchy melody is wedded to the perfect lyrics. It’s quite difficult for any child of God to hear “Am I right where you want me to be, are the things I do still ‘causing you to smile on me?” and not be in the slightest convicted to ask the same question. Great choice for a future radio single.

“What Can Change The World” is another mention worthy song written by Jeff. The song title itself is a question, answered by a line in the lyric that sings: “It’s not an action, it’s a name”. Incredible song with an incredible message.

“A Million Miles”, the title track is quite possibly the best feature on the entire project. Mark Lowry penned this beautiful 6/8 number and like most of the songs on A Million Miles, the listener finds themselves relating with an incredible lyric, “Heaven reaches my broken heart, across the miles though far apart”.

All in all, A Million Miles is a powerhouse release from Sunday Drive and the Crossroads team. Production is stellar, lyrics are incredible and performance is flawless. You will want to make Sunday Drive – A Million Miles a part of your collection if you haven’t already. Great job, guys.

Track Listing:

Right Where You Want Me to Be
Born Again
I’m Not Gonna Leave
What Can Change the World
A Million Miles
He Set Me Free
Living In the Middle of His Will
Angels Sing My Victory Song
Just Before the Dawn
It’s All About Me


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Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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