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Samuel Lore

I remember the first time I heard The Lore Family in concert.  I was hesitant to go because I had never heard them before, and it was quite a lengthy drive.  But my reluctance was replaced with rejoicing at the influence of this special family. That is because this is the exact purpose of this family’s ministry, and their enthusiasm is shown in their passion to proclaim the Gospel.  Samuel Lore says, “The most rewarding aspect of traveling and singing gospel music is watching people get an answer or get strength from God. We love seeing people just really get ahold of God in church services/concerts.”

Music has been a part of this young man’s life since before he could talk, and through this musical journey of learning harmonies, bass guitar, ukulele, and even the banjo, Samuel has encountered a love for preaching God’s word and has even found the love of his life.  I was so thrilled to be able to interview this young influencer for Christ. I hope you enjoy learning a little about his life as a full-time gospel singer.

SC:  Tell us a little about your ministry and what part you play in this.

SL:  I am involved in a full-time singing and preaching ministry with my family, The Lore Family. My family consists of my dad Darren, my mom Sandy, and my sister Fayth. We sing gospel music around the country for concerts, regular church services, revivals, camp meetings, and conferences. Sometimes me or my dad will preach as well. I play guitar and I usually split time between singing bass and lead.

SC:  What person in Gospel music has had the greatest impact on your life and singing career?

SL:  Rick Schweinsberg has had the biggest impact on my life of gospel music because he was the one who encouraged us to record our first CD. He had always attended church with us in southern Ohio until God blessed him with an opportunity to move to Nashville and take a job as a producer at a prominent southern gospel music label. Without him, my family may have never advanced passed singing locally.

SC:  Do you have any aspirations for a career outside of singing, or do you see yourself continuing to sing in the future?

SL:  I accepted God’s call on my life in 2014 to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then I have felt that I will at some point be a Pastor. I don’t know when that moment will come, but I will be obedient when God opens the door for that avenue.

SC:  Tell us about a favorite memory at a concert.

SL:  We sing a classic song called “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings”. Many times my dad challenges the church to get up and go hug your friends and family during that song. I enjoy watching the presence of God move during this act of love that is so simple.

SC:  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

SL:  I enjoy sports. I love all sports, so I like actually watching the games and I watch the TV shows that analyze the game. Other than that I am really into hunting and fishing when I get the chance. But if I had to choose what I could do it would be to just spend time with my beautiful fiancé, Rebekah. She’s my life.

SC:  What effect will your marriage have on your ministry?

SL:  I am still going to travel full-time with my family and my fiancé Rebekah will travel as well when she is able to, but right now she is pursuing a college degree which will allow her to serve this world for Jesus and she is really excited about it!

SC:  What is the most rewarding part about traveling and singing gospel music?  What is the most challenging?

SL:  The most rewarding aspect of traveling and singing gospel music is watching people get an answer or get strength from God. We love seeing people just really get ahold of God in church services/concerts. Many times we’re on stage so we get to see their face as they come to the altar and it is always a blessing to see the tears on their face as they prepare to call out to God for help and then see the victory when they get back up. The most challenging aspect of the ministry is trying to stay fresh. We sing the same songs over and over, but we have to sing them with the same excitement and energy that we would have if it was the first time we ever sang them. Also, after long tours or revivals we get really tired and we miss home very badly, so this always requires special strength from God’s Holy Spirit to help us in that situation.

SC:  If you could have the voice/talent of anyone else in gospel music, whose would you  have?

Joseph Habedank. We were blessed to have Joseph in the studio on our ‘Generation Now’ project and he sang the 2nd verse to our ‘Live the Dream’ song. It was just ridiculous all the stuff he’s able to do with his voice. Also, just watching him sing on stage is so exciting. He never holds anything back when he is singing on stage for the Lord. I love how he pushes and stretches himself vocally rather than just laying back and singing simple songs. I don’t know how he does it, maybe it’s the chewing gum…

SC: Tell us something unique about yourself.

SL:  I guess something unique about myself is that I’m somewhat good at impressions, but at the same time I have to know you pretty well to feel comfortable enough to try it. Some I might try pretty often are Loren Harris from Kingdom Heirs with a song he did with The Perrys: ‘Hide Me Again’, Bill Gaither’s verse on: ‘Worthy the Lamb’, and strangely enough, another might be Karen Peck doing ‘Four Days Late’. I’m sure it sounds better to me than it does to others.

SC:  If you could bring about one change in gospel music, what would it be?

SL:  I guess integrating groups that are lesser known in more events and promoting them to advance diversity and freshness in the general knowledge of artists for southern gospel fans.

SC:  What advice do you have for the “next generation?”

SL:  Keep your focus on Jesus and make Him your priority. Don’t try to fit time in for Jesus around your busy schedule, but rather fit your busy schedule around your daily dedicated time to Jesus. Also, don’t allow the enemy to make you feel defeated when you fail God. Admit your mistakes to God and ask forgiveness, then move on and learn from what you did wrong.

Stacy Compagner

Raised on a farm in Michigan, I am currently a Junior at Libertas Christian School. I am an avid fan of southern gospel music and enjoy singing with my sister for special music and attending as many concerts as we can. I also bake and work as a waitress at a local family restaurant. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, playing flute, spending time with animals, and doing crafts.
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