REVIEW: Triumphant Quartet – Yes

Producer:  Gordon Mote and Wayne Haun
Label:  StowTown Records

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Yes…when these guys came together to form this quartet about 17 years ago, they were a very traditional sounding quartet.  Yes…as time went on and they began experimenting with different styles and sounds, their overall sound evolved and has expanded to include a wide repertoire of different sounding songs; thus we have ultimately reached a culmination here…Yes…this is it!

The recording starts off with the driving, “GOING THERE”.  The infectious appeal of the song (which makes me think of the Crabb Family’s classic, “Don’t You Wanna Go”) sets the stage for the rest of the recording and leads perfectly into the first single, “EVEN ME”.  This great song reminds us “that God so loved the world He gave…His only son away…to save a wretch like me…the one who needed Grace…to cover every stain, stains that He no longer sees, it’s amazing to believe that God so loved the world means even me!”  Scotty Inman does a tremendous job interpreting the tremendous lyric of this song and it’s a highlight of the recording.

Clayton Inman steps up to sing a cover of the popular CCM tune, “EYE OF THE STORM”.  The addition of the choir on the final chorus really ramps up the power of this song and would be a great single release to SG radio!

The tempo picks for the country/swing feel of the title song, “YES”.  I had to double check who I was listening to because I thought it was the Oak Ridge Boys and not the Triumphant Quartet!  Great step out lines by bass singer, Eric Bennet as well.

Speaking of Eric, he’s one of the few bass singers who can pull off a great heartfelt solo in his upper register.  The heartfelt “WHAT HE’S DONE FOR ME” showcases that marvelously, and it’s a highlight of the recording.

David Sutton steps up to sing the worshipful, “GIVE YOU ALL THE GLORY”, which also features a back-up choir, which compliments the song extremely well before the tempo picks back up for the happy feel of, “JOY”.  This is probably my least favorite song on the recording, but it’s a fun song that many will enjoy, I’m sure.

The up-tempo country feel of “A LITTE BIT” features both ends of the quartet and is another fun song to listen to before the tempo slows down slightly for the acoustical feel of “ALL THINGS GOOD”, which features Clayton.

Scotty steps back up and delivers an excellent performance on the song, “ONLY GOD KNOWS”, which reminds us that when we’re broken…“only God knows how your broken heart fits in His master plan and just when you think your world is falling apart, you’ll find He’s holding your world in His hands…”

Eric and Scotty step up to deliver a masterful performance on a cover version of the Newsboys hit, “WE BELIEVE”.  The guys turn in a fantastic and dramatic performance on this tremendous song that is expertly arranged and is an excellent closing to a great recording.  I hope this song gets released to radio before it’s all said and done.

Yes…this will be a defining recording in the career of the Triumphant Quartet.  It will be the one whereby all others, henceforth, will be measured against.  Honestly, fans of the quartet will either love it or hate it, but this recording was a natural progression for the group, given their musical shift over the last few years.  It’s progressive, but it’s truly a powerful collection of songs with several that were co-written by Scotty Inman along with Lee Black, Sue Smith, Joel Lindsey and others.  Producers Gordon Mote and Wayne Haun really brought the best of the guys and I believe that the majority of the SG fans will listen to this and with one loud collective voice, shout…YES!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Going There**
Even Me**
Eye of the Storm**
What He’s Done For Me**
Give You All the Glory**
A Little Bit
All Things Good**
Only God Knows**
We Believe**


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James Hales

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