REVIEW: The Dunaways – Blank Page

Producer: Tammy Dunaway
Record Label: Independent Release

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I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since the Dunaways have released a new recording! It’s definitely been a long time coming! While Blank Page offers no real surprises, it is consistent with what we have come to expect from the Dunaways. The only exception is newest addition to the group, Landon Villinies, who definitely adds a little extra to their vocal line-up. He blends in exceptionally well with Randall, Tammy and Kanah and adds that little extra “something” to their down to earth, country style.

The recording starts off with the fun “FAITH LIKE THAT”. Written by and featuring Tammy, the song speaks of hope and faith…”oh I wanna have faith like that, knowing all along that God has got your back, not a worry in the world comin’ down the track…I wanna have faith like that!” The song sets the mood for the recording before slowing down for the honest, “WE’RE ALL BROKEN”, which features an emotional performance by Kanah. I see “single” in it’s future!

The tempo picks up slightly for the medium tempo, “WHERE THERE’S NO FIRE”, which features newest member, Landon Villinies. He does a tremendous job on the song as it echoes the sentiment of a lot of Christians that people won’t “go to warm their hearts where there’s no fire”.

Keeping things at a medium pace, Tammy steps back up to sing the title song, “BLANK PAGE”. I love the message of redemption found in this song, “I got a blank page, ‘cause the blood erased all the mistakes I’ve made and where I’ve been, I got a clean slate…a new day, ‘cause He washed away all my sin…”

The tempo picks up as Kanah sings the playful, “HERE’S MY GOODBYE” before Randall steps up to sing the bluesy, “TAKING NO BAGGAGE WITH ME”, which was written by Gerald Crabb. Both songs are highlights of the recording.

“YOU NEVER KNOW”, written by Rebecca Peck (one of my favorite writers) is a gentle reminder that “you never know what somebody’s going through” and Kanah delivers this message with a heartfelt delivery before the tempo picks up for “HARVEST TIME”, another Gerald Crabb penned song. Previously recorded by the Crabb Family 18 years ago, Landon and Kanah do a great job on the verses and chorus, respectively.

The uptempo “NOAH SAVED THE WORLD” features a bluegrass feel and is a highlight of the recording before the tempo slows back down for “SOMETIMES MERCY HURTS”. Penned by Tammy and featuring Landon, the powerful lyric reminds us that “sometimes mercy hurts…makes me cry and reach out for God, then I let go of me, makes me hunger for a place, I have never been…”.

Reminiscent of an old country ballad, Kanah sings the truthful, “YOU’RE STILL YOU” before the recording closes out with the uptempo, “THERE’S A MORNING COMING”.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Dunaways since I first heard their music over 15 years ago. I always look forward to new music from these guys and they never disappoint. They consistently put out solid songs coupled with strong lyrics and a down home, country feel. I’ve always considered them a mix between the Rambos and the Isaacs, and you can’t beat a sound a like that. The Dunaways are like an oasis in a dry barren desert…so drink up everybody!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Faith Like That**
We’re All Broken**
Where There’s No Fire**
Blank Page**
Here’s My Goodbye**
Taking No Baggage with Me**
You Never Know
Harvest Time
Noah Saved the World**
Sometimes Mercy Hurts**
You’re Still You
There’s a Morning Coming


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James Hales

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