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Matthew Lawson: Joseph, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. It’s great to have you. You have quickly become one of the most recognizable and beloved voices in Southern Gospel music. However, for those that may not be familiar with you, would you introduce yourself?

Joseph Habedank: I am a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. I started out singing baritone (and then lead) for the Perrys when I was 17 years old and after a decade with the group, I started a solo ministry.

ML: You have recently released your third studio album with Daywind Records, “Deeper Oceans”. I have heard the project myself and personally believe it’s your finest work to date. Tell us a little more about the project, if you would.

JH: Deeper Oceans is a very special album to me for many reasons. The song selection just felt right from the very beginning and I think Wayne Haun’s production on this particular record is remarkable, to say the least. Also, like my other two mainline albums, I had the privilege of co-writing all 10 tracks so that alone makes the album very special to me. These songs are my heart and soul. I hope people hear that.

ML: Deeper Oceans is packed with incredible lyrics and fresh melodies, so I’m sure it’s hard to narrow down a “favorite”. However, are there a few songs that are closer to your heart than the others? If so, what might they be and why?


JH: “One More Reason” stands out simply because it was written about my Mamaw who went to be with the Lord back in 2017. She prayed a prayer of blessing over my life and ministry before she passed and my Mom was able to record it on her phone. We included some of that prayer on the intro and at the end of the song, so as you can imagine, it is a very significant song on this record for me personally.

ML: On top of being an incredible singer/songwriter, you have a powerful testimony as well. Assuming you’re comfortable doing so, would you share a little bit of what God has done in your life? 


JH: I battled prescription drug addiction for many years (2008-2013) which ultimately led to me coming off the road with the Perrys and checking into Cumberland Heights, a treatment facility just outside of Nashville. The Lord miraculously set me free and I’ve been clean and sober for almost six years now. One of the most rewarding parts of our ministry is ministering to other addicts and their families. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Jesus took the worst thing that ever happened to me and made it the best thing.


ML: What is God currently teaching you in this season of life?


JH: I think more than anything He is teaching me how valuable wisdom and patience are. They are two things that do not come naturally to me and my personality, but I’m learning how paramount they are in one’s walk with Christ. We have a lot of big decisions to make in the upcoming months of our ministry and we would appreciate everyone’s prayers. They are ALL good things, by the way!


ML: This may be the most important question of all… What is your current starbucks order? 


JH: While I do drink coffee every morning, I rarely ever go to Starbucks. My wife, Lindsay, brews a much better cup of joe than Starbucks, in my opinion. When I do go, I enjoy a white chocolate mocha.

To learn more about Joseph – visit him online at www.josephhabedank.com .



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